Acoustic Guitar Sessions Presents Tom Freund

Posted by David Knowles

If you want to know what it feels like to live and work in Venice Beach, California, but can't afford a plane ticket, you might start by listening to Tom Freund's new album, Two Moons

On his eighth full-length record, the Los Angeles troubadour who partnered with Ben Harper on his debut, transports listeners to the funky beachside neighborhood where he owns a recording studio. 

"The studio's nothing fancy, but it's in a pretty vibrant place near the beach," Freund told Acoustic Guitar in the August 2014 issue. "I was able to invite people to the studio and add a lot of tracks in the comfort and time zone of my own place."

On tour to promote the album, Freund stopped by to discuss how he got his start on the guitar, play a song in drop D tuning, and to show of his prized Martin D-35. 

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