Acoustic Guitar Sessions

Acoustic Guitar Sessions is a performance and interview video series featuring some of the world's most talented and compelling acoustic guitarists and acoustic-based singer-songwriters.

Watch as these guitar greats play some incredible tunes, share stories about their influences, give playing tips, and much more. Browse through recent performances and sign up to receive updates on new Sessions.

Acoustic Guitar Sessions Presents Seth Avett

When Seth Avett came into the AG studio recently to do an Acoustic Guitar Sessions, it was like a homecoming for me. The Avett Brothers and I come from the same area of North Carolina, and I’ve watched Seth, his brother Scott, and their bass-playing buddy Bob Crawford expand from a trio of singers, songwriters, and guitarists who’d bang out their punk-infused string-band music on the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina, to a full acoustic-based rock band that today packs arenas.

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