VIDEO: Noah Gundersen Records "Poor Man's Son" for His Debut LP

Posted on February 5, 2014 | by Amber von Nagel

Singer-songwriter Noah Gundersen is releasing his debut LP, Ledges, on February 11. He has released three EPs—2008's Brand New World, 2009's Saints and Liars, and 2011's Family—but Ledges will be his first full-length to his name. The album is currently streaming on Spin. You can listen to it here.

The above video is a peek into the recording process behind the album's first track, "Poor Man's Son." "I'm not a religious person anymore," Gundersen, who grew up in a religious household, told Spin. "But I've learned that spiritual energy transcends religion and that's something I've attempted to incorporate into my music." That complex connection to religion successfully communicates itself in this gospel-inspired song. And it sounds great, too!

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