VIDEO: Interview with Rudi Schmidt of British Folk-Pop Band the Melodic

Posted on November 1, 2013 | by Amber von Nagel

In this short interview, Rudi Schmidt of British folk-pop band the Melodic plays his charango and talks about the instrument's versatility and history. Having played many instruments over the years, he is currently enamored with the Bolivian folk instrument and says its sound can be adapted to many different musical styles.

Invented in the early 18th century, the charango was originally made from armadillo shells. Throughout history, it has been used mainly to play Andean folk music.

The Melodic is a group of young British musicians who play a genre-defying brand of Afro-folk-pop. Rudi Schmidt grew up in a family heavily influenced by ska, while his bandmate Huw Williams (vocals and guitar) grew up listening to 1960s folk revival and British traditional folk. Informed by each band member's unique musical background, their music also draws on sounds from the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, and beyond.

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