Traveler Guitar Announces Full-Scale Acoustic Guitar

Posted on September 30, 2013

Traveler AG-105

After 21 years designing solid-body, full-scale travel guitars, Traveler Guitar has introduced its first hollow-body acoustic/electric: the aptly named Traveler Acoustic AG-105EQ.

“There are a lot of acoustic travel guitars out there,” Traveler Guitar president J. Corey Oliver noted in a press release, “but most of them are short-scale. That’s far from ideal if you’re trying to keep up your chops while you’re out of town on business, or recording a demo in your hotel room. There are a few full-scale solutions out there, but they sacrifice portability.

"So, in the end, you’re still lugging around a full-sized guitar—it’s just packed differently.”

Traveler Guitar’s new acoustic offering, however, fits a full-scale playing experience into a package that is shorter in total length than the most other short-scale travel acoustics. This is made possible by Traveler Guitar’s new Streamline Tuning System, which incorporates a headless design with locking-string retainers at the nut and a right-hand tuning system mounted to the endblock.

In addition to its full-scale status, the AG-105EQ boasts a custom-designed EQ with a built-in tuner and headphone amp. The on-board electronics also include a 1/8” auxiliary input, so that players can jam along with music from their mobile device, or even use the guitar to pipe the tracks into a PA for performance. 

 “Our mission hasn’t changed,” Oliver adds. “We’re committed to providing mobile musicians with the highest quality, most innovative, most portable full-scale instruments possible.”

The AG-105EQ lists for $714.99 and has a street price of $499.99. The AG-105 (without EQ) lists for $571.99 and has a street price of $399.99.

Since 1992, the Redlands, California-based company has been an innovator in the design and marketing of electric and acoustic-electric travel guitars, offering a wide variety of solutions for the traveling player. 

For more information, visit or call (909) 307-2626.

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