Seu Jorge to Play Pele's Father in Biopic of the Brazilian Soccer Icon

Posted on November 14, 2013 | by David Knowles

Seu Jorge, the singer and guitarist whose interpretations of David Bowie classics in the Wes Anderson film "The Life Aquatic" drew rave reviews, will soon be back on the big screen. 

Jorge has signed on to play soccer great Pele's father, Joao Ramos do Nascimento, in a film co-directed by Michael and Jeff Zimbalist. 

"Pele" will chronicle the Brazilian icon's rise from the slums of Sao Paulo to leading the country to its first World Cup victory in 1958, transforming him into a superstar. 

Playing Pele's father seems like a roll tailor made for Jorge, who grew up in a favela north of Rio de Jinero before rising to fame in Brazil as a singer before turning to acting.

Still, it won't likely give him the chance to sing and play guitar as he did to such effect in Wes Anderson's 2004 film The Life Aquatic, in which Jorge's versions of David Bowie classics came as a revelation. Hearing the new interpretations of his work, Bowie said Jorge had imbued his tunes with a  "new level of beauty."

If you don't own it already, you can pick up Jorge's versions of Bowie here

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