Online Jam Platform JamKazam Opens for Beta


Posted on March 11, 2014 | by Amber von Nagel

JamKazam, an online platform that allows musicians to jam long-distance, has recently opened for beta. This free service may be a viable solution for musicians who have dealt with the lag and sound-quality issues when playing music on Skype or similar services.

The platform is designed specifically for musicians, and reportedly keeps end-to-end latency down to about 10 milliseconds, well within the 25 millisecond limit needed to allow musicians to play together and stay in sync. Depending on the bandwidth, some sessions can support five or more musicians, and connect musicians up to 500 miles away from each other. Sessions can either be invite-only or public, and can also be recorded and shared on social media, or broadcast live.

Subscriptions will be available for musicians who want to get more features from JamKazam, such as larger distribution for broadcasts and space for more recordings.

It sounds like this could be an interesting social tool for musicians and bands. You can try it out at, or find out more about how it works on the website's FAQ page.

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