Neil Young Turns 68, Marks 45th Anniversary of First Solo LP

Posted on November 12, 2013 | by David Knowles

In the words of Neil Young, "look at how the time goes past."

Young turned 68 on Tuesday, a day that also marked the 45th anniversary of the release of his 1968 self-titled debut album on Reprise records. 

In a career that has continually defied the expectations of his audience and band mates, Young's irreverent songwriting continues to inspire generations of musicians and fans alike. Perhaps no single song from his catalog captures the complexity of communicating across a generation gap better than "Old Man," which was released on 1972's Harvest.  

The video above captures Young introducing the song to a BBC studio audience in 1971. Unlike the caretaker at the California ranch that young bought the prior year "from these two lawyers," Young has never seemed to lose his affinity with fans of all ages. 

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