Leo Kottke to Host 'Summer Camp' for Musicians

Posted on March 20, 2014

The jam sessions around the ol' campfire are going to sound especially good this year—well, at least they will at the Leo Kottke Dunk Tank, a new interactive summer camp for musicians taking place this August.

Renowned fingerpicker Kottke this week announced the debut of the camp, which will be held August 4 to 8 at the Cambria Pines Lodge in Cambria, California, a seaside town near Big Sur.

The Dunk Tank will feature some of the most musically gifted "counselors" to ever staff a summer camp—joining Kottke will be Los Lobos members David Hildago, Cesar Rojas and Steve Berlin, as well as musicologist John Stropes, an authority on polyphonic, finger-style guitar.

In deciding to stage the camp, Kottke said he wanted to gear it toward a wide mix of ages and playing levels, so that "everyone attending can have a great time."

“This is total immersion,” Kottke said in a statement about the camp. “You’re meant to be in there with me and these other great talents. I want to spend time with the fans, especially individually. That’s when amazing things can happen. It can be quite moving and funny. That is something I’m all about.” 

For tickets to Leo Kottke’s Dunk Tank, visit http://www.leokottkesdunktank.com/.

For a glimpse at what the "camp director" has to offer, check out the above clip of Kottke's cover of the Allman Brothers' classic, "Little Martha."

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