Keith Richards Turns 70

Posted on December 18, 2013 | by Mark Segal Kemp

By God, he made it!

Keith Richards, the baddest of the baddest boys of rock & roll, turns 70 today. The illustrious Rolling Stones guitarist -- whose notorious drug and alcohol exploits, as well as just plain weird rumors and antics like getting a blood transfusion to kick a heroin addiction and snorting his dad's ashes -- follows fellow septuagenarian Stones Mick Jagger, who turned 70 in July, and drummer Charlie Watts, who is 72.

A big fan of acoustic music -- Richards wrote the opening riff to "Street Fighting Man" on a Gibson Hummingbird, and played acoustic on numerous other Stones songs -- he turns in a pretty cool performance here of "You Got the Silver," one of the high points on the Stones' 1969 album Let It Bleed.

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