James Taylor Speaks Out Against Fracking in North Carolina TV Ad

Posted on February 21, 2014 | by Mark Segal Kemp

Singer-songwriter James Taylor is appearing in an environmental TV ad in North Carolina, where he grew up, urging citizens to protest efforts to allow fracking in the state.

Taylor, known for his love song to his childhood home, “Carolina in My Mind,” has been an environmental activist for decades, beginning with his participation in anti-nuclear energy rallies including the 1979 No Nukes shows put on by MUSE (Musicians United for Safe Energy) at Madison Square Garden in New York City (see accompanying video).

"I'm concerned that big oil and gas are pushing the governor and Legislature to allow reckless fracking,” Taylor says in the ad, according to Raleigh, NC, station WCNC.  

Taylor did the spot, which began airing across North Carolina yesterday, for the environmental group Natural Resources Defense Council.

Fracking, the popular term for hydraulic fracturing, involves the use of high-pressure water, sand, and chemicals to force open fissures in underground rocks in an attempt to release natural gas. The NC General Assembly recently allowed the controversial practice in the state, but has instructed a regulatory panel to come up with rules for the industry to follow.

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