Eric Clapton Considering Retiring from the Road?

Posted on June 27, 2014 | by Jason Walsh

Eric Clapton was once hailed as “god” by a London graffiti artist—but apparently even god has his limits.

The legendary guitarist told British music ‘zine Uncut this month that he’s considering an end to touring—saying in an interview with the mag that the constant traveling has become burdensome. Instead, the 69-year-old Clapton said he’d prefer to concentrate on studio projects.

But that’s only if the three-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee can continue playing at all. Blaming “odd ailments,” Clapton said playing the guitar could eventually “hurt too much,” forcing Slowhand to put down his Martin 000-28 for good.

Hopefully, that day is a long way off. For now, here’s a clip of Clapton performing “Before You Accuse Me” from his 1992 MTV Unplugged appearance.

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