Emperors of Wyoming release country-rock debut

Posted on March 28, 2014

The Emperors of Wyoming are the kings of Liaison Music this week, as the newly formed record label is making the Butch Vig-led country-rock band its first U.S. release.

The eponymous debut from EOW was released in Europe in 2012 by British label Proper. The American release includes the original ten songs, plus three new cuts and other re-mixed tracks.

The original lineup on the album features singer-guitarist Phil Davis, guitarist Peter Anderson, Franklin Lee on bass, and Vig on drums—though alternative rocks fans may know Vig better for his work as producer on such 1990s albums as Nirvana’s Nevermind, the Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dream and Sonic Youth’s Dirty. Vig was also the drummer in the Grammy-nominated noise-pop group Garbage.

Joining as full-on members of the Emperors for the American release are engineer Alex Smolinski and singer-guitarist Kim Henry.

The Emperors of Wyoming is notable for its uniquely 21st century recording methods. Vig, Davis, Anderson and Lee are longtime friends who’d played in various bands together as Madison, Wisconsin youth back in the early 1980s. But 30 years later, the band members live in four different cities in two different states—so each recorded his parts to the songs at separate home studios, emailing ideas, riffs, and mixes back and forth  until the tracks were complete.

Check out the results above in the Emperors of Wyoming’s video for “Avalanche Girl.”

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