Ed Sheeran Releases Videos in Lead Up to New Album 'x'

Posted on May 5, 2014 | by Jason Walsh

Ed Sheeran has "One" clip out now—and several more on the way in the run-up to the release of his new album, x.

The British acoustic-guitar singer-songwriter, and best-new-artist Grammy nominee, is literally hoping to “multiply” his success with the hit “The A Team” from his 2011 debut album +. (Both album titles are pronounced as their respective math symbols.) In anticipation of x hitting the stores next month, Sheeran will debut a new video, featuring different versions of the albums tracks, each week until the June 23 release date. The first video is of the new song “One,” and finds the Yorkshire native performing a solo acoustic show in the middle of an empty arena. We’re sure ticket sales for any upcoming live gigs in support of x will fare much better.

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