EXCLUSIVE: Rod Picott Premieres Video for "You're Not Missing Anything"

Posted on May 20, 2014 | by David Knowles

Americana songwriter Rod Picott knows what he is, and isn't, missing. 

In his new song, "You're Not Missing Anything," Picott laments the passing of a romantic relationship. 

"You left some things. I just keep them here. I've got a little place for souvenirs," Picott sings. 

Raised in New Hampshire, Picott moved to Nashville in the early 90s, and went on to get a job driving the merchandise truck for Allison Krauss. Eventually, Picott was asked to be the Krauss' opening act, and, as fate would have it, was soon recording and releasing his own merch. 

A few of the tracks on his latest album, Hang Your Hopes on a Crooked Nail, were co-written with ex-girlfriend Amanda Shire, who is now married to Jason Isbell. "You're Not Missing Anything," the video of which makes its debut at AcousticGuitar.com, has a co-writing credit with Slaid Cleaves.  

For more information on Picott, check out his website

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