EXCLUSIVE: Richard Thompson Premieres New Recording of 'From Galway to Graceland'

Posted on July 9, 2014 | by David Knowles

Think of it as Richard Thompson reconsidered. 

On his new album, Acoustic Classics, Richard Thompson revisits 14 songs from his legendary career, stripping down many of his compositions to their bare essentials, acoustic guitar and voice. The solo performances highlight not only the fundamentals of Thompson's songwriting, but also his extraordinary guitar playing. One track on which this is especially true is "From Galway to Graceland," the new version of which Thompson is premiering at AcousticGuitar.com. 

"'Galway To Graceland' is a song that never appeared on an album at the time it was written. It was one of those songs that I was unsure I had really finished, so I played it live, and people seemed to like it, and eventually it ended up on a bunch of compilations," Thompson, an early member of the influential British group Fairport Convention, told Acoustic Guitar.  "With songs, you never know which ones have a wider appeal, and which ones you end up singing to yourself in the shower."

The song did, in fact, have a wider appeal to Thompson's fans, and was included on compilations of his work. Thompson's take on revisiting the classic is, one might argue, somewhat irreverent and Thompson-esque. 

"This song also cheats, in that I've never been to Graceland, and you're supposed to write from experience, so I got a few details wrong!" Thompson says.  "I think the woman in the song is fairly typical, though, of the kind of obsession and delusion that celebrities can trigger."

You can pre-order Acoustic Classics here

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