EXCLUSIVE: Leif Vollebekk Premieres Video for 'When the Subway Comes Above the Ground'

Posted on January 8, 2014 | by David Knowles

Canadian singer-songwriter Leif Vollebekk is debuting the video for his song "When the Subway Comes Above the Ground" at AcousticGuitar.com

The song appears on Vollebekk's second solo release, North Americana (Missing Piece Records), which will go on sale January 28. It's a record that Vollebekk has spent the better part of two years on, repeatedly trying to land the perfect takes of his songs. 

"We started and we did a bunch of takes, and I wanted to do it live, but I sometimes I didn't like the feel, so we kept doing more takes," Vollebekk said. "It's all super live. We maybe did one or two overdubs on the whole record."

As in the video, Vollebekk plays his grandfather's Harmony Sovereign on the record. 

"It's from the 70's. I don't think it's worth much money," Vollebekk said. "The strings hadn't been played in like 20 years. The bridge was pretty warped, so I got someone to reset it. I actually found another Sovereign in New York recently for $100 and its bridge reset, too."

The beat up Harmony, which he tunes to an open D, served its purpose, however, on what the Montreal native describes as an album filled with "city songs." 

Vollebekk will hit the road this Spring to promote the new record, and a full listing of his tour dates can be found at his website

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