Del McCoury Band Wins Grammy for Best Bluegrass Album

Posted on January 27, 2014 | by Amber von Nagel

The Del McCoury Band took home a Grammy last night for their 2013 album The Streets of Baltimore. The announcement took place on January 26 before the main awards ceremony. This is the group's second 21st century Grammy for Best Bluegrass Album and McCoury's tenth nomination total.

Other nominees included the Boxcar's It's Just a Road, Daily & Vincent's Brothers of the Highway, Della Mae's This World Oft Can Be, and James King's Three Chords and the Truth.

We at Acoustic Guitar congratulate the Del McCoury Band on their win, as well as the other nominees, who all put out excellent bluegrass albums last year.

In the video above, the Del McCoury Band performs the title track off their award-winning album.

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