1970s LoPrinzi LR-15

AG 237

Posted by Orville Johnson

If you wanted a high-quality flattop guitar in the late 1960s or early '70s, your choices were limited: Martin, Gibson, or Guild. Living as we do now, in the golden age of acoustic guitars, it's hard to imagine such a state of affairs. Enter August LoPrinzi, who was one of the pioneers of independent guitar making in North America.

This LR-15 model was built in the early '70s. With Brazilian rosewood back and sides, a German spruce top, Honduras mahogany neck, and gold-plated tuners, this flattop guitar has Martin-style X-bracing (though LoPrinzi experimented with a hybrid design of X and fan bracing on other instruments). You can see from the top wear that this guitar has been fiercely played over the past 40 years. It had recently fallen into disrepair, but a neck reset by Seattle's David Haxton helped restore its well-balanced and powerful voice.

Excerpted from Acoustic Guitar 237

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