30 Under 30, Part 7: Mariee Sioux, Klara Söderberg, Merel Van Hoek, Dhruv Visvanath, and Ryley Walker

30 Under 30 part 7

Mariee Sioux, 29
Oakland, CA 
A self-taught guitarist, Mariee Sioux was inspired to learn to play at 17 while volunteering at a school for indigenous children in Patagonia. Her fluid fingerstyle compositions draw on her diverse Paiute and indigenous Mexican heritage, and her lush brand of psych-folk songwriting gets under your skin, whatever your background. 
VIDEO: Mariee Sioux - "Swimming Through Stone"

Klara Söderberg, 21
Stockholm, Sweden
Guitarist and vocalist of Swedish sister duo First Aid Kit, Klara Söderberg blends mellow psych-folk fingerpicking and indie-pop sweetness to her Americana-heavy songwriting style. Since she and her sister, Johanna, began writing songs in 2007, they have gained international recognition, performing on Conan and The Late Show with David Letterman, making appearances at international music festivals such as Austin City Limits Music Festival and Berlin Festival, and recording a single with Jack White for Third Man Records. 
VIDEO: First Aid Kit - "Waltz For Richard"

Merel Van Hoek, 20
The Hague, Netherlands
Van Hoek says hearing a Tommy Emmanuel recording inspired her to learn to play fingerstyle at 14. Over the next six years, Van Hoek built a solid following of her own for her intricate guitar work and compositions. As leader of the Van Hoek Trio, she also performs chamber jazz with cellist Angelina Engels and drummer Milan Pestel.   
VIDEO: Merel Van Hoek - "The First day Of Spring"

Dhruv Visvanath, 22
New Delhi, India
Building a loyal following on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube and Facebook, this “completely self-taught” fingerstylist is not just a great guitarist, but a gifted songwriter. With a percussive flair, Visvanath could teach his own class on how to get around the need for a drummer.
VIDEO: Dhruv Visvanath - "After The Rain"

Ryley Walker, 24
Chicago, Illinois 
This emerging psych-folk artist stunned music lovers in 2013 when he released his single “The West Wind,” a swirling, Pentangle-esque fingerstyle tune that sounded like it came right out of the 1970s.     
VIDEO: Ryley Walker - "The West Wind"

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