30 Under 30, Part 6: Will McNicol, Parker Millsap, Janet Noguera, Gabriella Quevedo, and Ed Sheeran

30 Under 30 part 6

Will McNicol, 23
Wimborn, England
Describing his tastes as eclectic, “from Gypsy jazz to post-rock,” McNicol’s fluid fingerstyle work on both the steel and the nylon-string guitar is at once soothing and uplifting. While he has released recordings of his own compositions, the 23-year-old is no stranger to Bach.  
VIDEO: Will McNicol - "The Wake Up"

Parker Millsap, 20
Purcell, Oklahoma
While his smoky Howlin’ Wolf-inspired vocals may lure you to see Millsap play live, his guitar playing will surely keep you watching, especially when the 20-year-old pulls out his slide. His eponymous album was released in February.
VIDEO: Parker Millsap - "Homeless"

Janet Noguera, 19
Hidalgo, Mexico
A student at the University of California at Santa Cruz, Noguera’s percussive fingerstlye approach has caught the ears of such esteemed players as Kaki King and Andy McKee, with whom she recently played several sold-out shows. 
VIDEO: Janet Noguera - "Sueños Lúcidos"

Gabriella Quevedo, 17
Gothenburg, Sweden
This young fingerstyle guitarist began playing at 12, and quickly realized she wanted to become a professional. Her intricate fingerstyle arrangements of pop and rock songs have earned her a strong following on YouTube, with her arrangement of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” clocking in at over a million views. 
VIDEO: "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica Performed by Gabriella Quevedo

Ed Sheeran, 23
Framlingham, England
It’s hard to believe that only three years have passed since Sheeran self-released his first album. Since then, the carrot-topped singer-songwriter and Martin Guitar–sponsored artist has been everywhere—from opening for Taylor Swift to sitting in as a guest mentor on “The Voice.” Given that his fingerstyle playing is every bit as emotionally powerful as his introspective songwriting, it’s no wonder he has become an international sensation. 
VIDEO: Ed Sheeran - "Give Me Love"

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