30 Under 30, Part 3: Sean de Burca, Newton Faulkner, Sofia Gleeson, and Calum Graham

30 Under 30 part 3

Sean de Burca, 22
Royal Tunbridge Wells, England 
From harmonics to percussive slapping to agile fretboard dancing, this southpaw knows a thing or two about getting the most sound possible out of his guitar. On his three full-length releases on Bandcamp, the self-taught guitarist shows he isn’t afraid of taking risks.
VIDEO: Sean de Burca - "Stormchaser"  

Newton Faulkner, 29
London, England 
A star in the UK, where his albums have hit No. 1 on the charts (his video to groove-heavy “Dream Catch Me” netted 4.5 million views on YouTube), Faulkner is a fingerstyle guitarist whose percussive playing leaves as much of a lasting impression as his signature dreadlocks.
VIDEO: Newton Faulkner - "Indecisive" 

Sofia Gleeson, 23
Chicago, Illinois 
The other half of Le Chic Duo, the left-handed Gleeson also studied at USC, and has since become an official representative of Cordoba Guitars. While her playing is certainly bolstered by Arutunyan’s, Gleeson is a standout player in her own right. 
VIDEO: "Magic Serenade" - Bryan Johanson, performed by Sofia Gleeson

Calum Graham, 22
High Town, Canada 
Another young fingerstyle guitar prodigy in the CandyRat Records stable, Graham is classically trained, but has since embraced a percussive technique on original material. With four albums already under his belt, his career is on the rise. 
VIDEO: Calum Graham - Phoenix Rising

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