30 Under 30, Part 2: Robert Castellani, Chloe Charles, Silviu Ciulei, and Anthony da Costa

30 Under 30 part 2

Robert Castellani, 26
Suffolk, England 
In a sweet bit of understatement, legendary Yes guitarist Steve Howe once said of Castellani, “Great playing.” Indeed. Castellani’s percussive acoustic style comes off like Eddie Van Halen playing Michael Hedges’ guitar. Barely into his 20s, Castellani was a finalist as Acoustic Guitarist of the Year in the UK twice in a row—in 2002 and 2003—and then again in 2011.
VIDEO: Robert Castellani - "And Then There Was Her"

Chloe Charles, 28
Toronto, Canada 
Chloe Charles made some waves in 2013 with her stunning debut, Break the Balance, and her career shows no signs of slowing down. She’s a soulful singer and self-taught classical guitarist who is unafraid of taking stylistic risks, blending soul, pop, jazz, and classical music into her elegant, passionate fingerpicking style.
VIDEO: Chloe Charles - "God is a Toad" 

Silviu Octavian Ciulei, 28
Constanta, Romania 
Currently earning his doctorate at Florida State University, Romanian guitarist Ciulei brings extraordinary touch to both a classical and flamenco repertoire. Along the way, he’s delighted audiences and taken first prize in an impressive number of international competitions (he was First Prize winner and Gold Medalist three times consecutively in the George Georgescu International Music Performance Competition). 
VIDEO: "Passacaglia" - Sylvius Leopold Weiss, performed by Silviu Octavian Ciulei

Anthony da Costa, 23
New York, New York 
With his new beard and old thick eyeglasses, Anthony da Costa could be your therapist. He’s not. He’s just another excellent singer-songwriter who puts a nuanced balance of strumming and fingerstyle picking to smart songs Loudon Wainwright III could have written—had Wainwright been a 23-year-old therapist-looking guy from Westchester. 
VIDEO: Anthony da Costa - "(I've Got The) Hashtag Blues"

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