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Every issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine contains music notation, tab, and lyrics for several songs in a wide variety of styles by a diverse range of artists.

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Traditional, arr. by James Alan Shelton July 2003
No More Ramblin' "Philadelphia" Jerry Ricks May 2001
Me Melican man A.J. Weidt August 1996
In the Morning Adam Levy October 2010
12-Bar Rhythm Study Adam Perlmutter June 2009
All Pent Up Adam Perlmutter August 2009
Behind Barres Adam Perlmutter April 2010
Dominant Thoughts Adam Perlmutter January 2010
On the Mauro Adam Perlmutter November 2010
Pick and Mix Adam Perlmutter December 2009
Pickin' in Circles Adam Perlmutter June 2008
Queenie's Waltz Adrian Legg March 1995
I Can't Get My Head Around It Aimee Mann June 2005
It's Not Aimee Mann March 2003
Movin' into the Light Al Anderson June 2007
Asia de Cuba Al Di Meola September 2001
Avalon Al Jolson, Bud DeSylva, and Al Rose November 2007
Blue Christmas Alex de Grassi December 2008
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie Alex de Grassi July 2010
McCormick Alex de Grassi June 2012
Mirage Alex de Grassi November 1991
The Monkulator Alex de Grassi June 2013
The Water Garden Alex de Grassi December 1969
Cinquante Six Ali Farka Toure August 1995
Cinquante Six Ali Farka Toure March 1994
Nutshell Alice in Chains October 2015
Deep Gap Alison Brown December 2000
A Horse with No Name America March 2011
Ease Back Amos Lee November 2008
Panhandle Rag An improvisation by Stacy Phillips on music by Leon McAuliffe March 1994
'N Sink Andrew DuBrock October 2002
Bach and Roll Andrew DuBrock August 2013
Bass-Line Blues Andrew DuBrock February 2009
Blues Brother Andrew DuBrock September 2013
Double Trouble Andrew DuBrock November 2003
Into This Night Andrew DuBrock August 2007
Mando Dance Andrew DuBrock June 2012
Maybe Andrew DuBrock June 2004
Mostly Major Melody Andrew DuBrock May 2009
No Pain Blues Andrew DuBrock November 2009
Piano Fan Andrew DuBrock May 2011
Riffin' the Blues Andrew DuBrock May 2011
The Lost Arp Andrew DuBrock October 2009
The One-Horned Cow Andrew DuBrock November 2008
Through the Rain Andrew DuBrock June 2004
Triplet Blues Andrew DuBrock July 2010
Bantu Andrew York September 1994
In Sorrow's Wake Andrew York March 1993
Muir Woods Andrew York July 1999
Slippery Strings Andy Ellis November 2007

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