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Every issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine contains music notation, tab, and lyrics for several songs in a wide variety of styles by a diverse range of artists.

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Orphan Girl Gillian Welch February 2015
Orphan Girl Gillian Welch May 2013
Our Time Russ Barenberg September 1990
Our Town Iris DeMent March 2013
Over the Moor Traditional, arr. by Sean McGowan June 2010
Over the Mountain Louise Taylor February 2001
Paddy on the Turnpike Traditional, arranged by Scott Nygaard April 2004
Paint by Rhythms Ruth Parry March 2010
Pale Blue Eyes Velvet Underground August 2011
Pancho and Lefty Townes Van Zandt March 2015
Pancho and Lefty Townes van Zandt April 2010
Panhandle Rag An improvisation by Stacy Phillips on music by Leon McAuliffe March 1994
Paradise John Prine January 2010
Paranoid Android Radiohead November 2014
Paris, Texas Ry Cooder July 1996
Parisian Waltz Muriel Anderson July 2004
Partial Advice Dan Apczynski December 2009
Pass Me By Pete Yorn December 2003
Passeig de Gracia Patrick Francis January 2004
Passionate Kisses Lucinda Williams July 1995
Pastures of Plenty Woody Guthrie February 2013
Pastures of Plenty Woody Guthrie, arranged by Ramblin' Jack Elliott November 1995
Paul and Silas Traditional, arranged by Sue Thompson January 2004
Pea Vine Blues Charley Patton June 2005
Peaceful Feeling Rag Jerry Snyder February 2008
Peaceful, Easy Feeling The Eagles December 2005
Peacekeeper Lindsey Buckingham October 2003
Perpetual Blues Machine Kevin Moore and G. Graper February 1997
Petit Marche Blues Pete Madsen October 2006
Phoebe's Iceberg Kristina Olsen December 1969
Piano Fan Andrew DuBrock May 2011
Pick and Mix Adam Perlmutter December 2009
Pickin' in Circles Adam Perlmutter June 2008
Pickin' My Way Eddie Lang July 1999
Picture Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock July 2009
Piero's Theme Peppino D'Agostino May 2002
Pig Iron Pat Donohue March 1993
Pilgrim's Progress Kris Kristofferson December 2006
Pinball Wizard The Who July 2006
Pinch Me Barenaked Ladied March 2001
Pink Houses John Mellencamp April 2008
Plainte Marco Pereira October 2002
Plumb Line Kelly Joe Phelps November 2006
Polaroids Shawn Colvin December 2012
Poor Butterfly Raymond Hubbell, arr. by Jane Miller June 2011
Popcorn and Wine Danny Barnes January 2004
Postscript Mark Hanson May 2005
Power & the Glory Phil Ochs July 2014
Prayer in Open D Emmylou Harris May 1996
Prelude Ferdinando Carulli April 2002

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