September 2010 Videos (Issue No. 213)

National Reso-Phonic M-1 Review

Walden Madera CD4040-CERT Review

Here's How, Improve Your Vocals

Acoustic Rock Basics, Alternating-Bass Fingerpicking

Skip James, Ex. 1 - 5

Skip James, Ex. 6 - 7

Skip James, Ex. 8 - 10

Skip James, Ex. 11 - 12

Skip James, Ex. 13

Skip James, Ex. 14

Skip James, Ex. 15-17

Five for the Blues, Durango B-44

Five for the Blues, Loar LH-200-VS

Five for the Blues, Gibson Keb' Mo' Bluesmaster

Five for the Blues, Collings C10 SB

Five for the Blues, Santa Cruz Otis Taylor H

"Going Down the Road Feeling Bad," Traditional, arranged by Andrew DuBrock

"Angel Band," Traditional, arranged by Ruth Parry

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