October 2007 (Issue No. 178)

AG 178 October 2007

Issue Highlights

Richard Thompson lesson. Martin Sexton interview. How many guitars do you need? Lessons on arpeggios, DADGAD tuning, and playing modal traditional tunes. Profiles of Martha Scanlan, Cindy Cashdollar, June Millington, and Paul Reisler. Guild and Parkwood small-body guitars and Fishman Aura pedals reviewed. Duck Baker lesson. Simple stretches. Luthier Howard Klepper.

Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson

Martin Sexton

Martin Sexton

Is One Guitar Enough?

Is One Guitar Enough?

Featured Songs

Nowhere Man - The Beatles

Don't Worry Baby - The Beach Boys

She Sang Angels to Rest - Richard Thompson

Down By the Salley Gardens - Traditional

There Go I - Martin Sexton

Idbury Hill - Traditional

Old Heddon of Fawley - Traditional

In This Issue

A guide to determining (and justifying) your need for multiple guitars. By Michael Millham.

On tour after releasing Seeds, his first studio record in seven years, MARTIN SEXTON shares the secrets of his rock- and soul-inspired songwriting and his deep-pocket guitar style. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.

Forty years into his career as a pathfinding guitarist and songwriter, RICHARD THOMPSON continues his ceaseless explorations, drawing on diverse musical inspirations and adding to one of the most singular catalogs in contemporary song. By Joe Gore.

Don't Worry Baby. Words and music by Brian Wilson and Roger Christian.

Duck Baker. The brilliant arranger and fingerstylist talks about the challenges of improvising as a soloist and building an effective musical vocabulary. By Teja Gerken.

Guild CV-1C Review. Combining a classic body style with innovative new features, Guild delivers a great-sounding grand auditorium. By Teja Gerken.
Parkwood PW320M Review. This classy grand concert packs playability and versatility into an ideal everyday instrument. By Charles Saufley.
Fishman Aura Acoustic Imaging Pedals Review. With an easy-to-use interface and a compact, sturdy package, Fishman offers a convenient alternative for musicians seeking tone shaping and optimization. By Doug Young.


Martha Scanlan. The Montana singer-songwriter discusses how the landscape can influence songs, gospel's accessibility, and the power of collaboration. By Scott Nygaard.

Arpeggios: Break Open Your Chords. Play chord shapes as single notes—or arpeggios—to create new accompaniment patterns, cool riffs, and even stunning solos. By Andrew DuBrock.

Stretch Your Muscles. Playing guitar is an athletic endeavor. These simple stretches will help you go easy on your muscles. By Karen Hogg.

Intro to D A D G A D Alternate Tuning. Learn your way around one of the need-to-know alternate tunings with these easy chord shapes and essential scales. By Doug Young.

Howard Klepper Guitars. After two decades away from the craft, this former philosophy professor has returned to building innovative flattops and archtops. By Scott Nygaard.

Write On: Tips for Songwriters. Songwriter and workshop leader Paul Reisler offers tips on how to brainstorm and develop ideas for songs. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.
Cindy Cashdollar's Road Rules. The tone-bar virtuoso and road warrior reveals her secrets for being a successful backup musician. By Andy Ellis.
Promoting Yourself and Your Music. Well-written promotional material can make a time-consuming process easier. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Girls Rock: Institute for Musical Arts. June Millington's Institute for Musical Arts builds the chops and self-confidence of teenage campers. By Simone Solondz.

John Prine and Mac Wiseman, Standard Songs for Average People. By Celine Keating.
Larry Sparks, The Last Suit You Wear. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Marco Pereira, Cameristico. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.

Modal Playing for Traditional Tunes. Modal thinking will enhance your understanding of the way many songs are constructed. By David Surette.

Nowhere Man. An arrangement of the Beatles' classic. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.

1902 Jose Ramirez I. A gorgeous, well-kept diminutive guitar from the well-known maker. By Charles Vega.

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