September 2007 (Issue No. 177)

AG 177 September 2007 Cover

Issue Highlights

Patty Griffin interview. Blues lesson with Kenny Wayne Shepherd. How to build a guitar from a kit. Composite Acoustics GX, Revival dreadnought, and Hartke amp reviewed. Lessons in creating variations on a theme, the minor pentatonic "blues box," and high-string tuning. Profile of Old Crow Medicine Show. Rick Ruskin lesson. How to care for your guitar. Martin archtops. Old Town School of Folk Music. How to license your music, promote your gig, and collaborate online.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Guitar Kits

Guitar Kits

Rick Ruskin

Rick Ruskin

Featured Songs

The Joker - Steve Miller

Honky Tonk - Kenny Wayne Shepherd

No Bad News - Patty Griffin

Variations on "Lacrimosa" from "Requiem" - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, arranged by Scott Nygaard

John Barleycorn - Traditional

If I Only Had a Brain - E.Y. Harburg and Harold Arlen, arranged by Laurence Juber

In This Issue

After selling millions of blues-rock albums, guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd returned to the foundation of acoustic blues. Here he talks about the greats who inspired him, and what he learned from playing with them. By Orville Johnson.

Known for her passionate vocals and intense character studies, Patty Griffin talks about how curiosity, discipline, and fearlessness can lead to great songs.  By Adrianne Serna.

Building your own guitar from a kit is an adventure that you'll remember forever; it may also be easier than you think.  By Bill Cory.

The Joker. Words and music by Steve Miller, Eddie Curtis, and Ahmet Ertegun, By Andrew DuBrock.

Rick Ruskin. The pop fingerstylist demonstrates how he uses bass lines, percussive effects, and more to create an irresistable groove. By Doug Young.

Composite Acoustics GX Performer Review. Intelligent application of carbon-fiber construction yields an exceptionally playable and sweet-sounding grand auditorium. By Doug Young.
Revival RG-27 Review. Careful attention to vintage-style details gives this dreadnought the familiar feel of and old friend and the sonic goods to stand out onstage. By Matt Hayden.
Hartke AC150 Acoustic Ribbon Amp Review. A handsome two-channel acoustic amplifier with 150 watts of tri-amped power and remarkable transparency. By Jason Garoian.

Old Crow Medicine Show. These devotees of old-time music bring Great Depression-era mountain music kicking and screaming into the 21st century. By Kenny Berkowitz.

Take Care of Your Ax. Ensure a long, happy life for your guitar by keeping up with these simple maintenance tasks. By David Hodge.

The Minor Pentatonic Scale. Also known as the "blues box," this scale is your secret weapon to soloing in any key. By Pete Madsen.

Log Your Progress. Keep a practice log and watch yourself improve in black and white. By Paul Andrews.

Theme and Variations. Learn seven ways to expand one short melody into a complete composition or arrangement. With music to "Variations on 'Lacrimosa' from Mozart's Requiem." By Scott Nygaard.

On the Face of It. Pickups that attach directly to the guitar's top have recently seen a surge in popularity. It's not unusual for guitarists to do the installation themselves. Here are pointers for achieving excellent sound. By Doug Young.

Martin Archtops. Martin's original archtops represent an interesting part of the company's history, and players and luthiers alike are dicovering that some of them are real gems. By Richard Johnston.

Online Collaboration. How to hire session pros and collaborate online. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.
Talk It Up. Getting the word out about a show is a crucial part of every performing musician's promotional efforts. By Drew Pearce.
Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music. Learn how this music school packs in guitar students of all ages. By Gary Lee Joyner.
Performing Rights Organizations. How organizations like ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC help you make money by licensing your music. By Andy Ellis.

Chris Whitley and Jeff Lang, Dislocation Blues. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.
Uncle Earl, Waterloo, Tennessee. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Benjamin Verdery, Branches. By Mark Small.
Gilberto Gil, Gil Luminoso. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.

High-Strung Tuning. High-strung tuning lowers the bar by raising the octaves. By Doug Young.

If I Only Had a Brain. An arrangement of the Wizard of Oz's whimsical song. By Laurence Juber.

1930s Bronson. A beautiful flattop with Brazilian rosewood back and sides. By Tony Marcus.

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