July 2007 (Issue No. 175)

AG 175 July 2007 Cover

Issue Highlights

Lesson with David Hidalgo and Cesar Rojas of Los Lobos. Charlie Louvin interview. Acoustic amplification roundtable. Adrian Legg lesson. Taylor GC7, Simon and Patrick Songsmith, and Behringer amp reviewed. Todd Snider profile. Lessons on steady strumming and visualizing chord changes. Luthier Bill Wise.

Los Lobos

Los Lobos

Charlie Louvin

Charlie Louvin

Adrian Legg

Adrian Legg

Featured Songs

Lola - The Kinks

St. Louis Blues - W.C. Handy

La Pistola y el Corazon - Los Lobos

When I Stop Dreaming - The Louvin Brothers

The Shape of Things - Jane Miller

In This Issue

Los Lobos has integrated a boundless array of musical influences into its unique sound: blues, psychedelic rock, soul, pop, folk, jazz, country, Tex-Mex, and traditional Latin folklórico. The band's primary guitarists, David Hidalgo and Cesar Rosas, talk about what they learned from those influences. Charles Saufley

The Louvin Brothers learned to harmonize on Carter Family and Delmore Brothers songs and became country legends who influenced generations of artists. Charlie Louvin talks about writing songs without his mercurial sibling, the power of "message" songs, and gospel's influence on his work. By David McGee.

A discussion with the primary players in the world of acoustic amplification. By Teja Gerken.

Lola. Words and music by Ray Davies,

Adrian Legg. The noted fingerstylist and effects wizard talks about how to organize and utilize "sounds and textures" to communicate in music, and his ongoing "search for legato." By Doug Young.

Taylor GC7 Review. Following the success of its GS series, Taylor applied similar concepts to the mid-size GC7, creating a stunning instrument with complex overtones and a broad, open voice. By Andrew DuBrock.
Simon and Patrick Songsmith Review. The respected Canadian builder delivers another nicely voiced, versatile, well-made guitar at a bargain price. By Sean Coleman.
Behringer ACX450 Review. Easy-on-the-pocketbook acoustic amplifier offers gigging musicians and first-time acoustic amplifier buyers value and versatility. By Charles Saufley.

Todd Snider. Whether writing sarcastically about the commander in chief or emphatically about laid-off workers and Phil Ochs, this alt-Nashville singer-songwriter nails his themes by taking points of view other than his own. By Steve Boisson.

Straighten Out Your Strumming. Do strum patterns leave you wondering which way is up? Just start with a steady strum, then learn how to modify that to get the perfect rhythm for a song. By Rich Hinman.

Charis Guitars: Bill Wise. The Michigan-based luthier put his skills as an automotive engineer to work in service to his passion for guitars. A decade after building his first instrument, he now specializes in high-end flattops that are fine-tuned for discerning fingerstyle players. By Ben Elder.

Visualize Chord Changes. Learning to "see" movable three-note shapes around the neck will soon enable you to transpose voicings and improvise melodic lines that fit the chord progressions you're playing. By Jane Miller.

Bill Antel Bajo Sexto and Candelas Requinto Jarocho. David Hidalgo's requinto jarocho and Cesar Rosas's bajo sexto. By Charles Saufley.

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