January 2007 (Issue No. 169)

AG 169 January 2007

Issue Highlights

Indigo Girls interview. Pepe Romero lesson. Guitar accessories. Martin David Bromberg signature model, Trinity College 12-fret, and Schertler amp reviewed. Lessons in slide guitar basics and cross-picking. Bluesman Otis Taylor profiled. Marc Atkinson Gypsy jazz soloing lesson. How to check neck angle. Luthier Michael Hauver.

Pepe Romero

Pepe Romero

Michael Hauver

Michael Hauver

Marc Atkinson

Marc Atkinson

Featured Songs

Ripple - The Grateful Dead

Home Sweet Home - Traditional, arranged by Steve Kaufman

My Town - Chet Atkins

Rumores de la Caleta - Isaac Albeniz/Pepe Romero

Chicken Stuff - Steve James

In This Issue

For the past two decades, folk-rockers Amy Ray and Emily Saliers have melded their contrasting musical sensibilities into a common musical language that speaks to millions. They talk about their individual inspirations and songwriting strategies. By Drew Pearce.

One of the world's most celebrated classical guitarists, Pepe Romero reflects on his Spanish heritage, how to build technique, and the emotional center that is the foundation of his virtuosity. By Patrick Francis.

Six-string accessories prolong your ax's lifespan, make playing it easier, and jack up its tonal juju. All about gig bags, capos, string winders, straps, bridge pins, music stands, and footstools—as well as a few oddball surprises. By Shawn Hammond.

Ripple. Words and music by Jerome Garcia and Robert Hunter.

Marc Atkinson. The Canadian Gypsy-jazz ace describes how to create solos by using guidetones. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.

Martin M-42 David Bromberg Review. The renowned flattop makers honor a folk-blues legend with a signature model and deliver an exquisite and exceptionally well-balanced M body. By Scott Nygaard.
Trinity College TG-202 Review. Playability, quality and colorful tones come together for the fingerstylist in this affordable new 12-fret cutaway. By Dale Miller.
Schertler David Amplifier Review. A compact combo with two bi-amped channels, spring reverb, a host of practical connection options, and clear, crisp tones. By Shawn Hammond.

Otis Taylor. By fitting his dark, potent lyrics to stark arpeggios and staccato strums, this award-winning bluesman creates an original, compelling style of "trance blues." By Ian Zack.

Intro to Slide Guitar. Explore the funky, "vocal" sound of barrelhouse-blues guitar by wrapping a bottleneck around your finger and sliding into your notes. By Steve James.

Check Your Guitar's Neck Angle. If your action is too high and your bridge is too low, your neck needs to be reset. It's as simple as that—or is it? Here's how to determine what your guitar needs. By Frank Ford.

Modern Vintage. A love of the blues led Michael Hauver to seek out old Stella guitars from the 1920s and '30s. Now he produces an entire line of instruments that combine vintage designs with contemporary construction techniques. By Michael John Simmons

Cross-picking. Cross-picking with an alternate-picking pattern can keep your time steady while you embellish single-note melodies. By Steve Kaufman.

My Town. Music by Chet Atkins.

Paul Fischer 50th Anniversary Guitar. Michael John Simmons

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