October 2006 (Issue No. 166)

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Issue Highlights

Cassandra Wilson on her 2006 album, Thunderbird. How to play like John Fahey. All-in-one multitrack recorders. Six songs to play, including "Right Here, Right Now" by Cassandra Wilson. Read tab intelligently. Introduction to ear training. Chord inversions for fingerstyle blues. Reviews for the Guild GAD-30, Alvarez-Yairi Masterworks DYM95C, and Planet Waves Chromatic Pedal Tuner.

Cassandra Wilson

Cassandra Wilson

John Fahey

John Fahey

Multitrack Minds

Multitrack Minds

Featured Songs

Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Once I Had a Sweetheart - Traditional, arr. by David Hodge

Right Here, Right Now - Cassandra Wilson

Requiem for John Hurt - John Fahey

Petit Marche Blues - Pete Madsen

I Walk the Road Again - Happy Traum

In This Issue

Grammy-winning jazz vocalist Cassandra Wilson pioneered acoustic folk-jazz fusion with her mid-'90s, guitar-based breakthrough albums, Blue Light Til Dawn and New Moon Daughter. Gradually gaining confidence in her own facility, she recently started playing guitar in public again, and picked it up to record her radical new CD, thunderbird.  By Dan Ouellette.

More than 45 years after he began his recording career, and five years after his death, the impact and influence of John Fahey's guitar playing is more evident, and more keenly appreciated, than ever. By Steve Boisson.

Musicians who want to record at home have more options than ever before. If setting up a complicated computer-based studio doesn't sound like your idea of fun, check out a self-contained digital multi track. Today's units are more capable than ever; here we help you identify the features most important for capturing acoustic guitar. By Rik Elswit.

Bad Moon Rising. Words and music by John Fogerty. 

A Private Lesson with Michael Chapdelaine. The master of both nylon- and steel-string guitar talks about how he develops ideas as a composing tool. By Patrick Francis. 

Guild GAD-30 Review. Guild reintroduces its classic small-body guitar in a great sounding and affordable format. By Pete Madsen.
Alvarez-Yairi Masterworks DYM95C Aura Review. A contemporary take on the dreadnought design features boutique craftsmanship and cutting-edge Fishman Aura electronics that broadcast the guitar's gorgeous tones loud and proud. By Shawn Hammond.
Planet Waves Chromatic Pedal Tuner Review. D'Addario's accessory division has come out with a rugged stage tuner that includes all the features most performing guitarists need. By Teja Gerken.



Jackie Greene. This rising star from northern California elevates his craft by infusing classic blues and folk with punchy R&B and shifting his perspective from self-examination to outward-looking character studies and storytelling. By Mike Thomas.

Craig Ventresco. By soaking up 100-year-old rags and blues from scratchy 78-rpm recordings, and playing for tips on the streets of San Francisco, this remarkable guitarist developed a uniquely powerful and passionate style. By Pete Madsen.

Introduction to Ear Training. Learning to recognize the sounds of four basic chord types and three different chord voicings will help you develop as a musician. By David Hodge.

Read Tablature Intelligently. Make your tab reading more efficient—and your playing more enjoyable—by learning to see groups and phrases, as you would in standard notation. 

The Ballad of Bloody Mary. Guitarist Rebecca Powers had to abandon everything when Hurricane Katrina hit her Mississippi home. When she returned, her cherished Gibson B-25 was the only thing left. Badly damaged, the guitar was brought back to life by Gibson's Nashville, Tennessee repair shop. By Michael John Simmons.

Old Friends. Often overshadowed by Gibson's larger flattops, Depression-era L-00s are excellent guitars for blues and fingerstyle players. Even though their history can be confusing, if you know what to look for, you might just find a vintage gem. By Baker Rorick.

Renaissance Man. Randall Ferguson has played guitar for over 40 years. A fascination with early classical and Spanish music has led to a collection of guitars appropriate to these styles, which Ferguson demonstrates in a series of lecture/performances in his home state of Minnesota. By Ben Elder.

Ani DiFranco, Reprieve. By Adrianne Serna.
Rory Block, The Lady and Mr. Johnson. By Ian Zack.
Various Artists, Masters of the Irish Guitar. By Sue Thompson.
Bruce Cockburn, Life Short Call Now. By Kenny Berkowitz.

Seventh-Chord Inversions for Blues Guitar. Quadruple your chord palette by incorporating four-string seventh-chord shapes into your fingerstyle blues tunes. By Pete Madsen.

I Walk the Road Again. Traditional, arranged by Happy Traum.

1930 National Lightning Bolt N. By Ben Elder.

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