January 2003 (Issue No. 121)

AG 121 January 2003 Cover

Issue Highlights

Jorma Kaukonen revisits his youth with a rootsy collection of early country classics. Jerry Douglas, Gurf Morlix, and Malcolm Burn share secrets of the producer's trade. Classical giant John Williams explores the music of Africa. The best albums of 2002. Australian pop sensations the Waifs. Fingerstyle nail care. In the shop with Charles Hoffman.

Featured Songs

Big River Blues - Words and music by Alton Delmore, performed by Jorma Kaukonen

Masanga - Jean Bosco Mwenda

Call You Home - Mark Erelli

Stagolee - Traditional, arr. by David Hamburger

Swept Away - Chris Proctor

In This Issue

Rock star Jorma Kaukonen revisits his youth with a rootsy collection of early country classics. By Kenny Berkowitz.

Jerry Douglas, Gurf Morlix, and Malcolm Burn share secrets of the producer's trade. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.

Classical giant John Williams explores the music of Africa. By Michael John Simmons.

Reader letters.

Top CDs of 2002. AG editors and contributors pick their top five CDs released in 2002. 
Independence Day. Australian folk-pop group the Waifs use an independent, personal approach to build their sizable fan base. By Melanie Haiken.

New Releases.
Contemporary Classic. Classical guitarist Dale Kavanagh has emerged as an insightful interpreter of contemporary classical guitar music. By Stephen Dick.


Family Circle. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band releases the third volume of their Will the Circle Be Unbroken pop-country-bluegrass collaboration. By Ben Elder.
Portrait of the Blues. Music Makers: Portraits and Songs from the Roots of America is a book/CD that introduces the music and lives of rural blues musicians. By Ian Zack.

Hit List
Craig Dobbins, Christmas Time. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Dolly Parton, Halos and Horns. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Elaine Summers, Sparkler. By Nicole Solis.
Mary Gauthier, Filth and Fire. By Karen Iris Tucker.
Steve Tibbetts, A Man about a Horse. By Gary Joyner.
Tin Hat Trio, The Rodeo Eroded. By Teja Gerken.
Cliff Eberhardt, School for Love. By Kathryn Rutz.
LAGQ, Latin. By Mark Small.
Steve Green Trio, Live in Your Living Room. By David McCarty.
Various artists, Gipsy Jazz School: Django's Legacy. By Michael John Simmons.
Various artists, The Canvas Remembers September 11. By Drew Pearce.

Fingerstyle Nail Care. Tips on protecting and strengthening your nails for fingerstyle guitar playing. By Thomas Beardslee.

From Holland. Letter from the European World of Bluegrass festival in Voorthuizen, Holland. By Sue Thompson.

New England Son. Singer-songwriter Mark Erelli devotes his third album, 'The Memorial Hall Recordings,' to his New England home. By Simone Solondz.

Profile. Profile of luthier Charles Hoffman. By Dave Hull.
Review. Review of the Eastman Strings AG16, Accord Flight Case, SKB ATA Dreadnought, Gator Cases Lightweight Guitar Case, Godin Fort, and Accord Ultralight. By Teja Gerken.

New Gear
Blueridge BR-180. Saga Musical Instruments introduces a new top end for its line of Blueridge vintage-sounding guitars. 
Lace Acela. Lace Music Products introduces the acoustic-electric Acela guitar. 
Soundtrek Jr.. Walker Labs' Soundtrek Jr. amp, powered by rechargeable batteries.

The Quick Fix. The bolt-on neck allows luthiers to reset neck angle in a snap. How luthiers can adjust the neck angle on guitars with bolt-on necks. By Frank Ford.

Partial Capos. How to create alternate tunings using more than one capo. By Teja Gerken.
Schmidt and Maul. A brief history of Schmidt and Maul guitars. By Michael Wright.
X Marks the Spot. Xs in guitar tablature explained. By Andrew DuBrock.

Travis Picking Embellishments. Incorporating a song's melody into your Travis picking. By David Hamburger.
Alternate Tunings. An introduction to minor-key alternate tunings. By Chris Proctor.

Gibson CF-100E. The first flattop acoustic-electric cutaway. By George Gruhn.

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