December 2002 (Issue No. 120)

AG 120 December 2002

Issue Highlights

Nickel Creek interview. Affordable Archtops. Texas bluesman Mance Libscomb. Alt-country singer-songwriter Kelly Willis. Lesson on arranging Christmas songs for fingerstyle guitar and classic pop chord changes. Canadian Gypsy jazz guitarist Marc Atkinson. How to keep your guitars humidified. Profiles of the Waybacks and David Ross MacDonald. Peter Mulvey's live recording. Luthier John Greven.

Featured Songs

This Side - Nickel Creek

'Bout a Spoonful - Mance Lipscomb

Easy (As Falling Apart) - Kelly Willis

We Three Kings - Traditional, arranged by Rick Ruskin

Morning Glory - Marc Atkinson

In This Issue

How three bluegrass prodigies became one of the freshest successes in pop music. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.

Makers large and small have responded to the recent interest in archtop guitars with reasonably priced models. By Michael John Simmons.

Gentleman sharecropper Mance Lipscomb spent the last decades of his life sharing his vast repertoire of songs with the world. By Steve Boisson.

Australian Wood. Fingerstylist David Ross MacDonald visited 12 luthiers in his native Australia, recording one track on a guitar by each luthier for his CD, Southern Crossing. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.

The Wayback Machine. Acoustic jam band the Waybacks back up their novel, irreverent sound with spine-tingling chops. By Scott Nygaard.

Y'All Come. Y'All, Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer and Jay Byrd, blend traditional country, comedy, and kitsch in their unique duo. By Rani Arbo.

Jazz Sensations. Mosaic Records' Eddie Lang and Joe Venuti box set highlights the busy career of the progenitor of jazz guitar and his fiddling partner. By Scott Nygaard.
Chopin Variations. Richard Yates and Stephen Aron take two different approaches to transcribing Chopin's piano music for guitar. By Stephen Dick.

Duo Gvito. By Stephen Dick.
Luciana Souza, Brazilian Duos. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Ozzie Kotani and Steve Sano, A Taro Patch Christmas. By Michael John Simmons.
The Flatlanders, Now Again. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Tift Merritt, Bramble Rose. By Nicole Solis.
David Jacobs-Strain, Stuck on the Way Back. By Ian Zack.
Hayes Carll, Flowers and Liquor. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Jacques Stotzem, Sur Vesdre. By Teja Gerken.
Yolanda Aranda and Enrique Coria, Intimo. By Danny Carnahan.
Chad Johnson, Alternate Tuning Chord Dictionary. By Teja Gerken.
Jim Hurst, Second Son. By David McCarty.
Michael Dunn, Django's Rhythm. By David McCarty.
Mike Doughty, Smofe and Smang: Live in Minneapolis. By Drew Pearce.

From Folk Alliance. Letter from the Folk Alliance music conference about setting up a guerrilla showcase. By Rani Arbo.

What She Deserves. Country singer and songwriter Kelly Willis reveals an edgier, rootsier sound on her CD, Easy. By Melanie Haiken.

Bleed on the Tracks. Contemporary folk musician Peter Mulvey took advantage of new, small recording devices to record his latest CD in a Boston subway stop. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.

Profile. Profile of Portland, Oregon, luthier John Greven. By David McCarty.
Review. Alvarez MD80-12, Tacoma EM912, and Yamaha CPX8-12. By Teja Gerken.

Monitoring Moisture. Tips on monitoring and maintaining the humidity level of your instrument and sources for products. By Steven Stone.

Classical vs. Flamenco. The difference between classical and flamenco guitars explained. By Ervin Somogyi.
Graphite Reinforcement. Tips on reinforcing a guitar's neck with a graphite bar. By Kenny Hill.
Reader Tip: Quick Battery Change. Tip for changing your pickup's battery in a hurry.
Transcribing Tips. Advice to help you transcribe complex chords in songs. By Andrew DuBrock.

Classic Pop Chord Changes. Understanding standard chord progressions found in classic pop songs. By Andrew DuBrock.
Fingerstyle Arranging. Arranging and playing "We Three Kings." By Rick Ruskin.

Morning Glory. Music to swing guitarist Marc Atkinson's original tune "Morning Glory." By Ron Forbes-Roberts.

Oddball Ukuleles. Circa 1929 Kamaka Pineapple ukulele, Martin square uke, and Ancil Swagerty-designed Singing Treholipee. By Michael John Simmons.

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