October 2002 (Issue No. 118)

AG 118 October 2002

Issue Highlights

Blind Willie McTell. Brazilian guitarists Marco Pereira and Paulo Bellinati. 2002 Players' Choice Awards. Neil Finn of Crowded House. Portable PAs. Lessons on simple syncopated grooves and Scottish swing. How to travel safely with your guitar. Profiles of John Doe and Alex Houghton. Avalon and Morris guitars reviewed. Segovia box set reviewed.

Featured Songs

Statesboro Blues - Blind Willie McTell

Plainte - Marco Pereira

'N Sink - Andrew DuBrock

Turn and Run - Neil Finn

The Banshee - Traditional

In This Issue

Blind Willie McTell and other seminal Atlanta 12-string guitarists. By Jas Obrecht.

Winners of the 2002 Players' Choice Awards. By Teja Gerken.

Marco Pereira and Paulo Bellinati blend classical technique with Brazilian tradition. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.

Soothing Soundscapes. Canadian fingerstylist Alex Houghton's CD Happybody showcases her idiosyncratic and mature playing. By Teja Gerken.
Microtonal National. Guitarist John Schneider commissioned a special microtonal National resonator in order to play a piece by Lou Harrison as the composer intended. By Stephen Dick.
Meet John Doe. Ex-punk John Doe puts out his first all-acoustic album, Dim Stars, Bright Sky. By Dan Ouellette.

Truth in Artistry. The Segovia Collection sheds new light on the maestro's world. By Mark Small.
Resonator Roundup. New CDs from Jerry Douglas, Rob Ickes, and Stacy Phillips take the Dobro from traditional bluegrass into modern jazz and avant-Americana. By Bill Meyer.

Garrison Starr, Songs from Take-Off to Landing. By Drew Pearce.
Guy Davis, Give In Kind. By Ian Zack.
Jeff Tweedy, Chelsea Walls. By Nicole Solis.
Steven King, Meandering. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Great Big Sea, Sea of No Cares. By Michael John Simmons.
Harry Manx, Wise and Otherwise. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Fred Sokolow, Jazz Chord Solos for Beginners. By Karen Hogg.
Gene Bertoncini and Steve Greene, Gene with Greene. By David McCarty.
Justin King, Le Bleu. By Julie Bergman.
Pat Donohue and Mike Dowling, Two of a Kind. By Teja Gerken.

On the Road Again. How to travel safely with your guitar. By Richard Johnston.

Crowd Control. Former Crowded House frontman Neil Finn explains his layered songwriting process and his approach to collaboration. By Drew Pearce.

Power to the People. The latest options in powered speakers and mini-PAs. By Teja Gerken.

Avalon A-200 and Morris S-96. Review of two new medium-priced, all solid-wood flattop guitars. By Teja Gerken.

Structure and Sound. How modern luthiers are building sturdy guitars without sacrificing tone. By Rick Turner.

Cutaway Terms. The history of and difference between Venetian and Florentine cutaways explained. By Ian Watchorn.
Bass-Strum Attack. Tips to help equalize the volume between bass notes and strums. By Paul Kotapish.
Loosening the Strings. Protecting a guitar that you don't play often. By Rick Turner.
Mandolin Resources. Online resources and print publications devoted to our eight-stringed friend, the mandolin. By Paul Kotapish.

Simple Syncopated Grooves. Incorporating syncopation into your rhythm playing. By Andrew DuBrock.
Scottish Swing. How to play the rhythm and lead in the style of Scottish swing, which blends the open-tuning sounds of Irish Celtic guitar with swing chord voicings. By Jack Evans.

1934 Prairie State. Larson Brothers 12-fret 1934 Prairie State flattop guitar. By George Gruhn.

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