May 2002 (Issue No. 113)

AG 113 May 2002 Cover

Jazz Guitar Special

Bill Frisell interview. Steel-string and classical guitar duets. Jim Hall interview. Profiles of Marc Ribot, Kris Delmhorst, and Dan Crary and Beppe Gambetta. Blues resources online. Chris Thomas King interview. Lessons in soloing with arpeggios and learning the fretboard. Audio-Technica and Oktava mics reviewed. Bluesman John Jackson remembered.

Featured Songs

Moon River - Bill Frisell

All The Things You Are - Jim Hall

Piero's Theme - Peppino D'Agostino

Watermelon Man - Chris Thomas King

In This Issue

Bill Frisell's guitar finds melodies to sing in every corner of the musical world. By Scott Nygaard.

After 40-odd years as a soloist and collaborator, jazz guitar icon Jim Hall continues to break new ground. By Dan Ouellette.

Genre-bending guitarists bridge the gap between classical and steel-string fingerstyle. By Scott Cmiel.

Lost in Space. Jazz adventurer Marc Ribot demonstrates his avant-garde approach to jazz classics on his new album, Saints. By Bill Milkowski.
John Jackson, 1924-2002. Obituary on American roots and blues guitarist John Jackson. By Steve James.
Appetite for Music. Folk-pop singer-songwriter Kris Delmhorst's new album, Five Stories, displays her storytelling and multi-instrumental abilities. By Julie Bergman.
Two for the Road. Flatpickers Beppe Gambetta and Dan Crary overcame many obstacles to record their new live CD, Synergia. By David McCarty.

I Wanna Play Your Guitar. The new book, Beatles Gear, provides comprehensive information and photographs of the Fab Four's guitars and equipment. By James Bradbury.
Flamenco Flavors. A review of four flamenco CDs by Spanish musicians who balance traditional and modern influences. By Stephen Dick.

Kenny Sultan, West Coast Blues. By Ian Zack.
Los Super Seven, Canto; Raul Malo, Today. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Luka Bloom, Between the Mountain and the Moon. By Karen Iris Tucker.
Sylvia Herold, A Mockingbird Sings in California. By Rani Arbo.
The Country Gentlemen, On the Road (and More). By Sue Thompson.
Carl Verheyen, Solo Guitar Improvisation. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Josh Rouse, Under Cold Blue Stars. By Drew Pearce.
Rayna Gellert, Ways of the World. By Rani Arbo.
Duck Baker, Fingerstyle Swing Guitar. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Zan McLeod, Learn to Play the Irish Bouzouki. By Art Edelstein.

Blues Clues. Where to find the blues on-line. An annotated guide to blues websites. By Michael John Simmons.

From a Songwriting Contest. Letter from the Minnesota Folk Festival's songwriting contest. By David Hanners.

Back to the Future. Progressive bluesman Chris Thomas King travels backwards and forwards in time on his album The Legend of Tommy Johnson, Act 1: Genesis 1900s-1990s. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.

Review. Audio-Technica AT3031 and Oktava MC012 microphones. Review of two new inexpensive condenser microphones. By Teja Gerken.

Lowering Your Action. Recommendations for at-home action adjustments. By Rick Turner.
Nickel Strings. Sources for nickel acoustic guitar strings. By Teja Gerken.
Teaching Styles. Advice for teaching students with learning disabilities. By Gary Joyner.

Unlocking the Fretboard. Tips and exercises to help you find your way around your guitar's fretboard. By Karen Hogg.
Jazz Techniques. Incorporating arpeggios into jazz solos. By Jamie Findlay.

James Taylor's Olson SJ. By Teja Gerken.

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