March 2002 (Issue No. 111)

AG 111 March 2002

Issue Highlights

Acoustic Grateful Dead. Bluegrass Dobro master Josh Graves. Classical guitarist/composer Roland Dyens. Profiles of Lunasa and Wyatt Rice. Lucy Kaplansky interview. Luthier Michihiro Matsuda. Custom-made flatpicks. Lessons on multiple guitar arrangements and new chord colors. Guitar makers in Granada, Spain. Remembering Grady Martin. Yamaha AG Stomp reviewed.

Featured Songs

Friend of the Devil - Grateful Dead

Flying Wigs - Roland Dyens

Written on the Back of His Hand - Lucy Kaplansky

In This Issue

How the Grateful Dead recorded two all-time classics in the space of one-year. By David Simons.

Josh Graves, the first virtuoso of the Dobro, looks back on his long career in bluegrass. By Orville Johnson.

Classical guitarist and composer Roland Dyens searches for the emotional essence of each piece. By Stephen Dick.

Museum Pieces. Art That Sings exhibit in Sonoma, California displayed many vintage and unorthodox guitars by James Olson, Jeff Elliott, and exhibit curator Steve Klein. By Teja Gerken.
Looney Tunes. Lunasa's Donogh Hennessy discusses the Irish traditional quintet's music and incessant touring. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Rhythm King. Guitarist Wyatt Rice brings jazz influences to bluegrass rhythm playing. By David McCarty.
Grady Martin, 1929-2001. Remembering Nashville guitarist Grady Martin. By Nicole Solis.

Screaming and Hollering Blues. Mississippi Delta bluesman Charley Patton's work is remembered on an exhaustive box set and tribute album. By Michael John Simmons.
No Borders. Seven new fingerstyle guitar CDs from an international cast of innovators. By Teja Gerken.

Chris Thile, Not All Who Wander Are Lost. By David McCarty.
Doug Smith and Mark Hanson, Power of Two. By Matthew Haavisto.
Jamie Findlay and Duck Baker, Out of the Past. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Lydia Mendoza, La Alondra de la Frontera: Live. By Michael John Simmons.
Robert Earl Keen, Gravitational Forces. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Blue Highway, Still Climbing Mountains. By David McCarty.
Jesse Gress, The Guitar Cookbook. By Gary Joyner.
Kevin Salem, Ecstatic. By Drew Pearce.
Ray Lema, Tyour Gnaoua. By Danny Carnahan.

From Granada, Spain. Letter from Granada, one of Spain's guitar-making centers. By Kenny Hill.

Brand-New Day. Singer-songwriter Lucy Kaplansky's new album, Every Single Day, shows a return to her country-rock influences. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.

Profile. Luthier Michihiro Matsuda. By Michael John Simmons.
Review. Yamaha AG Stomp box, which digitally models the sound of different microphones. By Teja Gerken.

Take Your Pick. Pick makers John Greven, Michel Wegen, and Jean-Charles Dugain respond to the growing interest in handcrafted picks. By David McCarty.

Studio Jitters. Tips for soothing your nerves while recording. By Paul Kotapish.
Calibrating Tuners. Explanation of the calibration function on an electronic tuner. By Teja Gerken.
DIY Brace Repair. Resources and advice on repairing the braces in your guitar. By Rick Turner.

Multiple-Guitar Arrangements. Arranging for and playing with two or more guitars. By Paul Kotapish.
New Chord Colors. Extend major and minor triads to increase the sonic palette of your music. By Jim Josselyn.

Supertone Entertainer. By Michael Wright.

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