January 2002 (Issue No. 109)

AG 109 January 2002

Issue Highlights

Vintage Gibsons. Kelly Joe Phelps interview. Nylon-string jazz guitarists Gene Bertoncini, Ken Hatfield, and Olaf Tarenskeen. Freedy Johnston interview. 16 electronic tuners reviewed. Lessons on single-string slide melodies and flatpicking jigs. Profiles of Otis Taylor and Vicki Genfan.

Featured Songs

Arriving on a Train - Freedy Johnston

Beggar's Oil - Kelly Joe Phelps

Edelweiss - Traditional, arranged by Gene Bertoncini

Cucina Blues - David Hamburger

Coleraine - Traditional, arranged by David Surette

Monferrine - Traditional, arranged by David Surette

In This Issue

How a pioneering American guitar company cut a twisting path to success. By Richard Johnston.

Kelly Joe Phelps, guitar improviser extraordinaire, finds a new world of song. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.

Gene Bertoncini, Ken Hatfield, and Olaf Tarenskeen combine a love of nylon-string guitar with a jazz sensibility. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.

Tap Tones. Profile of singer-songwriter and innovative guitarist Vicki Genfan. By Bill Milkowski.
Sad Blues. Profile of bluesman Otis Taylor. By Kenny Berkowitz.
E-Town's Tenth. Nick Forster's nationally syndicated radio show E-Town celebrates its tenth year on the air in 2001. By Steven Stone.

Roots Revelation. Roots musician Gillian Welch brings varied influences together on her new album, Time (The Revelator). By Paul Kotapish.
Best of Show. Review of Vanguard's two new three-CD sets, Newport Folk Festival: Best of the Blues 1959-65 and Newport Folk Festival: Best of Bluegrass 1959-66. By Michael John Simmons.

Django Reinhardt, All Star Sessions. By Duck Baker.
James Leva, Memory Theatre. By Paul Kotapish.
Jeffrey Halford and the Healers, Hunkpapa. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.
Sam Phillips, Fan Dance. By Kenny Berkowitz.
Various artists, Los Maestros Colombianos: Colombian String Groups 1928-1934. By Michael John Simmons.
Various artists, New Standards for Flatpicking Guitar. By David McCarty.
Voices on the Verge, Live in Philadelphia. By Karen Iris Tucker.
Bruce Mathiske, On the Edge. By Ron Forbes-Roberts.
Minton Sparks, Middlin' Sisters. By Rani Arbo.
Scott Sandvik, Open Field. By Gary Joyner.

From the National Women's Music Festival. By Jamie Anderson.

What Lies Beneath. The secret history underlying Freedy Johnston's seemingly simple pop. By Drew Pearce.

Review. 16 Electronic Tuners. Review of 16 electronic tuners, including inexpensive models, chromatic tuners, and tuner pedals. By Teja Gerken.

Lesson Dependent?. When you're ready to stop taking formal lessons. By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.
Metronome Methods. Ways to incorporate the metronome into your practice. By Teja Gerken.
Guitar Sizes. A translation of different guitar sizes (0, 00, OM, jumbo, etc.) into actual dimensions. By Teja Gerken.
Left-Hand Position. The benefits of using "classical" or "folk" left-hand positions. By Andrew DuBrock.

Single-String Slide Melodies. =Beginning slide guitar techniques including grace notes, muting, and triplets. By David Hamburger.
Flatpicking Techniques. Celtic Jigs. Melody picking technique and accompaniment patterns for Celtic jigs. By David Surette.

1965 Gibson Dove. 1965 Gibson Dove continued the tradition of the decorated guitar. By Richard Johnston.

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