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Alex de Grassi Fingerstyle Method Cover

Open Strings vs. Fretted Notes

Convenience is one reason for choosing an open note over a fretted one. Discover other factors to consider in today’s excerpt from The Alex de Grassi Fingerstyle Guitar Method.

Audio. Lessons. Fingerstyle. Technique and Theory. Early Intermediate.

AG Slide Basics Book Cover

Quarter-Tone Slides

If a one-fret distance is called a half tone, a quarter tone is half that distance. Learn how to play one in today’s excerpt from Acoustic Guitar Slide Basics.

Audio. Lessons. Blues. Technique and Theory. Beginner. Early Intermediate.

AG 177 September 2007 Cover

Theme and Melodic Variations

Learn how to expand a short melody into a complete composition or arrangement, using variations on “Lacrimosa” from Mozart’s Requiem.

Audio. Lessons. Classical. Early Intermediate.

AG 215 November 2010 Cover

The Giuliani Studies

Explore classical guitar master Mauro Giuliani’s legendary picking-hand exercises.

Lessons. Classical. Intermediate.

AG 181 January 2008 Cover

The Art of the Classical Arpeggio

Study the classical guitar approach to picking figures across sets of strings with this series of arpeggio exercises.

Audio. Lessons. Classical. Beginner.

AG 193 January 2009 Cover

Assume the Classical Playing Position

Before you begin learning classical technique, it’s important to learn the proper way to sit and hold the guitar.

Video. Lessons. Classical. Early Intermediate.

Fingerstyle Jazz Essentials Book Cover

Translate Piano Voicings to Solo Jazz Guitar

Piano voicings featuring stacked fourths work well for solo guitar. Find out why and see the guitar translations at work in this excerpt from Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Essentials.

Video. Lessons. Fingerstyle. Jazz. Advanced.

Alternate Tunings Guitar Essentials

Learn to Play in Dropped-D Tuning

Get into dropped-D tuning, and discover a world of new tonalities and textures. Find out how in today’s excerpt from Alternate Tunings Guitar Essentials.

Lessons. Technique and Theory. Early Intermediate.

Depth of Field Cover

Create a Three-Dimensional Sound on Fingerstyle Guitar

In music, depth of field is accomplished primarily through “internal dynamics.” Find out more in today’s excerpt from The Alex de Grassi Fingerstyle Guitar Method.

Video. Lessons. Fingerstyle. Technique and Theory. Beginner. Early Intermediate. Intermediate.

Cover Image

Keeping Swing Time with a Metronome

Learn how to practice jazz rhythms with a metronome. 

Video. Lessons. Jazz. Early Intermediate.

Fingerstyle Blues Songbook COVER

Walkin' the Basses

One of the most common devices in the blues guitar repertoire is walking the bass line. Learn more in today’s excerpt from the Fingerstyle Blues Songbook.

Audio. Lessons. Blues. Fingerstyle. Early Intermediate.

Bluegrass Essentials cover

Bluegrass Bass Runs

Embellish the standard boom-chuck rhythm pattern with some well-placed bass runs.

Audio. Lessons. Bluegrass. Flatpicking. Beginner. Early Intermediate.

Composing with Chord Substitutions

Using Extended Chords

Need to spice up a simple chord progression? Try using extended chords.

Audio. Lessons. Songwriting. Technique and Theory. Intermediate.


Experiment with Sound

Ever wonder how experienced songwriters tweak songs to make them sound original? Here are a few ways to recast your songs.

Lessons. Songwriting. Technique and Theory. Early Intermediate. Intermediate.


Here’s How to Break Up Easy Chords to Create Rock Riffs

Many of the best licks and riffs by artists like the Beatles and Neil Young are really just made up of bits and pieces of easy chord shapes. You can use these same basic chord shapes to create cool riffs for your own songs.

Video. Lessons. Rock. Songwriting. Beginner. Early Intermediate.

Songwriting Basics for Guitarists: Start Writing Songs

Rework an Existing Song

Take the first steps toward creating something new and exciting by using a song by one of your favorite artists as a building block.

Lessons. Songwriting. Technique and Theory. Beginner. Early Intermediate.

Rhythm Guitar Essentials Cover

Learn the Boom-Chuck Rhythm

Learn the rhythm at the heart of countless folk and country songs. 

Audio. Lessons. Country. Folk. Technique and Theory. Beginner.

Cover Image

Explore 3/4 Time

Learn 3 great strumming patterns in 3/4 Time

Audio. Lessons. Technique and Theory. Beginner.

Country Blues Guitar Basics

The Art of the Blues Turnaround

Today’s excerpt from Country Blues Guitar Basics will teach you how to harmonize a basic musical figure with other notes to create some versatile blues turnarounds.

Audio. Lessons. Blues. Beginner.


This Excerpt from "Acoustic Blues Guitar Basics" Will Show You How to Play the Backbone of Blues, the Shuffle.

The backbone of blues is the shuffle. Here’s how to do it! 

Video. Lessons. Blues. Early Intermediate.

Ragtime Blues Fingerpicking Cover

Play a Ragtime Blues Thumb Roll

A thumb roll in the bass before the downbeat of the measure gives your groove some bounce. Learn how to play one with today’s excerpt from Acoustic Blues Guitar Basics.

Video. Lessons. Blues. Technique and Theory. Beginner. Early Intermediate.

Alex de Grassi Fingerstyle Method Cover

Play a Syncopated Fingerstyle Rhythm

In today’s excerpt from his Fingerstyle Guitar Method, Alex de Grassi teaches you how to correctly count and play a syncopated variation of a 4/4 rhythm.

Audio. Lessons. Fingerstyle. Advanced. Intermediate.

Roots and Blues Mandolin

Blue Notes and Tremolo for Mandolin

Create that bluesy sound on your mandolin with just three scale intervals. Find out which ones and how to use them in today’s excerpt from Roots and Blues Mandolin.

Audio. Lessons. Blues. Folk. Beginner. Early Intermediate. Intermediate.

Improvising on a Melody Cover

Improvising on a Melody

Improvising doesn’t just mean playing variations of the melody. Experiment by playing a well-known melody to a different rhythm with the help of today’s excerpt.

Video. Lessons. Blues. Beginner. Early Intermediate.

The Beginner's Guide to Guitar Cover

Developing a Steady Tempo

Use a rest or a held note as a chance to read ahead in the music. Discover more on keeping time in today’s excerpt from The Beginner’s Guide to Guitar.

Lessons. Technique and Theory. Beginner.

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