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Working with a Metronome cover

Sync Your Picking Hand with a Metronome

Today’s How To includes some single-note exercises to help you get your picking hand synced with the metronome.

Video. Lessons. Technique and Theory. Beginner.

Building Arrangements Cover

How to Pick the Right Key for Your Arrangement

When choosing the right key for your arrangement, think about the tune’s harmony and how active its melody is.

Video. Lessons. Fingerstyle. Jazz. Technique and Theory. Intermediate.

Alex de Grassi Fingerstyle Method Cover

Learn How to Play Natural Harmonics

Alex de Grassi teaches you how to find and play natural harmonics.

Video. Lessons. Fingerstyle. Technique and Theory. Beginner. Early Intermediate.


Borrow Chords from Related Keys

Learn how to borrow chords from related, parallel keys to create interesting and exciting chord progressions.

Video. Lessons. Rock. Early Intermediate.

Alternate Tunings Essentials cover

Country Blues Guitar in Open C

Play through two exercises and learn how to get into open-C tuning with the help of today’s excerpt from Alternate Tunings Guitar Essentials.

Audio. Lessons. Blues. Country. Technique and Theory. Early Intermediate. Intermediate.

Play Leads with Major and Minor cover

Play Leads with Major Scales

Build any major scale by starting on a pitch and applying the whole, whole, half, whole, whole, whole, half formula when adding notes.

Video. Lessons. Rock. Technique and Theory. Beginner.

Rewriting Other Songs cover

Using Familiar Songs as Songwriting Templates

Try switching the key of a familiar song – a modification that may then inspire ideas for changing the rhythmic feel.

Video. Lessons. Songwriting. Beginner. Early Intermediate.

Alex de Grassi Fingerstyle Method Cover

Enhancing the Alternating Bass with Passing Tones

Passing tones can add emphasis to chord changes and create a more contoured bass line. See them at work in today’s excerpt from The Alex de Grassi Fingerstyle Guitar Method.

Lessons. Fingerstyle. Advanced. Intermediate.

Enhancing Patterns cover

Use the Alternating Bass Technique in 3/4 Time

Today’s excerpt from Carter-Style Guitar Basics explains the adjustments that need to be made to the bass/strum pattern of 4/4 time in order to accommodate a tune in 3/4 time.

Video. Lessons. Bluegrass. Blues. Country. Flatpicking. Beginner.

Alternate Tunings in Acoustic Rock

Fingerstyle Rock in Dropped-D Tuning

Experiment with dropped-D fingerstyle licks that inspired or fueled big rock hits

Video. Lessons. Fingerstyle. Rock. Early Intermediate.

Ten Great Rock Fingerpicking Patterns

Play McCartney's Fingerpicking Pattern from "Yesterday"

Try this short exercise to get your fingers ready to play the Beatles' hit

Video. Lessons. Fingerstyle. Rock. Early Intermediate.

Ten Great Rock Fingerpicking Patterns

Piano-Ballad Style Fingerpicking Pattern

Move between monotonic bass lines and plucked treble notes for a fingerpicking pattern similar to “Tears in Heaven.” 

Video. Lessons. Fingerstyle. Rock. Early Intermediate.

Ten Great Rock Fingerpicking Patterns

Monotonic-Bass Patterns

Thumping your thumb on the same bass note gives you a foundation for melody playing and singing 

Video. Lessons. Fingerstyle. Rock. Early Intermediate.

Acoustic Guitar Slide Basics

Finessing the V Chord in Slide Melodies

In this excerpt from Acoustic Guitar Slide Basics, David Hamburger explains how to use the 12th-fret position to play slide melodies that would work well over the V chord.

Audio. Lessons. Blues. Fingerstyle. Early Intermediate.

Issue 239

Kelly Joe Phelps Slide Lesson

The fingerstyle guitarist and singer-songwriter demonstrates some of the slide guitar techniques that have reinvigorated his playing.

Video. Lessons. Blues. Intermediate.

The Beginner's Guide to Guitar Cover

Develop Accuracy and Coordination

Perfect your “finger walking” technique with the help of today’s excerpt from The Beginner’s Guide to Guitar.

Audio. Lessons. Technique and Theory. Beginner.

Chord and Harmony Basics

Learn to Play Chord Fills

Today’s excerpt from Acoustic Guitar Chord and Harmony Basics shows you how to enhance a basic D-Chord harmony.

Audio. Lessons. Technique and Theory. Beginner. Early Intermediate.

Rhythm Guitar Essentials Cover

Fretting-Hand Muting

Use fretting-hand muting to put a little more of a percussive groove into your playing. Today’s excerpt from Rhythm Guitar Essentials shows you how.

Audio. Lessons. Technique and Theory. Beginner.

Acoustic Guitar Solo Fingerstyle Basics

Great Classical Exercises

Develop your skills in hand and finger independence, bass lines, intervals, voicings, and more by playing elementary classical guitar exercises. See examples in today’s excerpt from Solo Fingerstyle Guitar Basics.

Audio. Lessons. Classical. Fingerstyle. Beginner. Early Intermediate.

Bluegrass Essentials cover

The Art of Solo Flatpicking

Today’s excerpt from Bluegrass Guitar Essentials explains how a dropped-D tuning can help give you a full bass sound that will allow you to accompany yourself.

Audio. Lessons. Bluegrass. Flatpicking. Beginner. Early Intermediate.

Carter-Style Fundamentals cover

Two Essential Elements of Carter-Style Guitar

A root bass note and a first-position chord are the two essential elements of Carter-style guitar playing. Practice both with the examples in today’s excerpt from Carter-Style Guitar Basics.

Video. Lessons. Country. Folk. Beginner.

Blues Guitar Complete cover

How to Go From Standard to Open-G Tuning

Many of the great blues guitarists used open tunings. Learn how to get into open-G from standard tuning with the help of this excerpt from Acoustic Blues Guitar Basics.

Video. Lessons. Blues. Beginner. Early Intermediate.


Guide Tone Voicings

Guide tones are simply the third and seventh notes of a chord (occasionally the third and sixth). Learn more in today’s excerpt from Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Essentials.

Video. Lessons. Fingerstyle. Jazz. Intermediate.

Ten Great Strum cover

Add Scratch Rhythms to Your Acoustic Rock Strum Patterns

Learn how to use your guitar to simulate the sound of a backbeat snare drum with the help of today’s excerpt from Acoustic Rock Essentials.

Video. Lessons. Rock. Beginner. Early Intermediate.

Fingerstyle Jazz Essentials Book Cover

Harmonize a Melodic Line with Block Chords

Today’s excerpt from Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Essentials demonstrates the technique of harmonizing a melodic line with full, dense chord voicings – sometimes referred to as using block chords.

Video. Lessons. Fingerstyle. Jazz. Intermediate.

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