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Explore Alternate Tunings Cover

Experimenting with Open-D Tuning

Singers, slide players, and instrumentalists, try playing in Open-D tuning. Learn how to get into and experiment with an Open-D tuning in today’s excerpt from Explore Alternate Tunings.

Audio. Lessons. Technique and Theory. Advanced. Beginner. Early Intermediate.

Acoustic Blues Guitar Essentials Cover

Play a Blues Shuffle

When strumming the A5 chord, try to hit only the fourth and fifth strings. Perfect this technique and learn more in today’s excerpt from Acoustic Blues Guitar Essentials.

Audio. Lessons. Blues. Early Intermediate.

Fingerstyle Jazz Essentials Book Cover

Exploring Rhythm and Time in Fingerstyle Jazz Songs

Spice up a 4/4 jazz standard by converting it to 3/4. See how, and hear the difference in today’s excerpt from Fingerstyle Jazz Essentials.

Video. Lessons. Fingerstyle. Jazz. Technique and Theory. Advanced. Intermediate.

Alex de Grassi Fingerstyle Method Cover

Apply Vibrato to Your Arrangements

Use a very slow vibrato to create the effect of pitch modulation. Find out more in today’s excerpt from the Alex de Grassi Fingerstyle Guitar Method.

Video. Lessons. Fingerstyle. Technique and Theory. Advanced. Intermediate.

AG Lead and Melody Basics Cover

Use Call-and-Response in Your Blues Leads

Call and response is one of the fundamental concepts of blues soloing. Learn more and see it at work in today’s excerpt from Acoustic Guitar Lead and Melody Basics.

Audio. Lessons. Blues. Flatpicking. Beginner. Early Intermediate.

Extended Techniques Cover

Add a Percussive Backbeat to Fingerstyle Arrangements

Use today’s excerpt from Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Essentials to help you create a snare drum-like sound on your guitar. You’ll never miss your drummer again!

Video. Lessons. Fingerstyle. Jazz. Technique and Theory. Advanced. Intermediate.


Time Signatures

Get the feel of two common time signatures, 4/4 time and 3/4 time. 

Video. Lessons. Technique and Theory. Beginner.

The Blues Scale and Simple Lead Licks

Use Slides, Hammer-Ons, and Pull-Offs to Minimize Pick Strokes

As the tempo quickens, use slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs to play more notes without having to pick each one. See the example in today’s excerpt from Acoustic Blues Guitar Basics.

Video. Lessons. Blues. Technique and Theory. Early Intermediate.

Acoustic Guitar Slide Basics

Transposing Your Slide Melodies

Playing slide guitar in an open tuning makes it easy to transpose licks in that tuning to another position. Find out how in today’s excerpt from Acoustic Guitar Slide Basics.

Audio. Lessons. Blues. Technique and Theory. Beginner. Early Intermediate.

Alex de Grassi Fingerstyle Method Cover

Combine Cross-String Passages and Fretting-Hand Position Shifts

With today's excerpt from The Alex de Grassi Fingerstyle Guitar Method, learn why it’s helpful to begin a position change with an open string.

Audio. Lessons. Fingerstyle. Technique and Theory. Advanced.

Chord Shape Based Improv Cover

Build Lines around Familiar Chord Shapes

When improvising, you can use single-note lines to outline the harmony of a song. Use today’s excerpt from Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Essentials to work on improvising through a progression.

Video. Lessons. Jazz. Technique and Theory. Advanced.

AG Lead and Melody Basics Cover

Adding Hammer-Ons to an Alternating Bass Melody

Make an alternating-bass melody clearer by adding some hammer-ons. Play through the examples in today's excerpt from Acoustic Guitar Lead and Melody Basics.

Lessons. Beginner.

Understanding Chord Progressions Cover

Classic Chord Progressions in Songs by the Beatles

Today's excerpt from Acoustic Rock Essentials lays out chord progressions commonly heard in songs including The Beatles' "Twist and Shout," "Yes It Is," and "That Boy." Try playing the examples.

Video. Lessons. Rock. Early Intermediate.

Cross String Techniques Cover

Cross-String Picking Basics

Cross-string picking is when open and fretted strings are combined to play ascending/descending intervals on nonsequential strings. See the examples in today’s excerpt from The Alex de Grassi Fingerstyle Method.

Video. Lessons. Fingerstyle. Technique and Theory. Advanced.

Sus and Add Chords Cover

Use Sus4 Chords in Your Acoustic Rock Compositions

Sus4 chords can be heard in classic songs like Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’,” the Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night,” and many others. Today’s excerpt shows you how to play them.

Video. Lessons. Rock. Technique and Theory. Beginner.

Creating Chordal Riffs Cover

How to Create Chordal Riffs

Deconstruct simple chord shapes and progressions to create classic riffs in the style of Neil Young and the Beatles.

Video. Lessons. Rock. Technique and Theory. Beginner.

Alternate Tunings Guitar Essentials

Frailing in Alternate Tunings

Use your guitar to reproduce that old-time banjo sound. This easy exercise will get you started with frailing.

Audio. Lessons. Fingerstyle. Early Intermediate.


25th Anniversary Issue

In this 25th anniversary special section, Acoustic Guitar explores the world of acoustic music from every angle: the most influential acoustic-guitar players; the most significant moments in acoustic-music history; and more. The sections are divided into lists of 25, to celebrate the 25 years AG has been your guide to the acoustic guitar.


Acoustic Guitar Method

Get Started Playing Guitar

Just beginning your journey with the guitar? These lessons from the Acoustic Guitar Method will help you navigate some of the basics like comfortably holding the guitar, easily forming and switching between chords, and spicing up your playing with single-note picking. You’ll also learn a few classic traditional songs to bring the music to life. So pick up your guitar and let’s get started! 


Ten Great Strum cover

7 Great Rock Strumming Patterns

Playing effective rhythm is more than simply learning how to strum along with a beat—it involves finding the unique groove that fits each song best, whether that’s integrating strummed passages with bass notes, palm muting, syncopation, accents, or other techniques. In this feature, we take a look at seven popular strummed rock rhythm patterns that you can use or adapt for your own songs. 



Weekly Workout

These seven excerpts from Acoustic Guitar’s Weekly Workout lessons will provide you with interesting technical exercises that will get your fretting- and picking-hand fingers working in different ways and provide you with musical “studies” that will help you visualize and explore the fingerboard.


Ukulele Basics

Bitten by the ukulele bug? This series of lessons, songs, and articles is sure to feed your need for all things uke.


Ten Great Rock Fingerpicking Patterns

Great Rock Fingerpicking Patterns

This week, we’re exploring fingerpicking patterns that have fueled some of the biggest hits in rock music. Listen to iconic songs like the Beatles’ “Yesterday,” Cat Stevens’s “Moonshadow,” or Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven” and you’ll hear they’re all driven by distinctive fingerpicking patterns. These patterns fit their songs perfectly, but they each take different approaches; from the flowing arpeggio patterns heard in “House of the Rising Sun” to the alternating-bass fingerpicking heard in “Dear Prudence.” Let’s check them out!  


Let It Slide

Whether you're just starting out on slide, looking to improve your technique, or interested in adding to your blues repertoire, this series of seven lessons is sure to ignite your interest in slide guitar.

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Country Blues Guitar Basics

Explore the Blues

Everybody loves the blues. Whether you prefer to jam on the blues with a friend or try to master a fingerstyle blues classic by an old master, these seven lessons will give you some new insights into a timeless style.

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