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Learn How to Navigate the Modulations in Circle-of-Fifths Progressions

This excerpt from Weekly Workout: Full Circle introduces you the concept and explores circle-of-fifths progressions using seventh-chord arpeggios in one position.

Video. Lessons. Technique and Theory.


How to Use Open Strings When Playing in Flat Keys

Because one of the things that makes something “easy” on the guitar is the presence of open strings, let’s take a closer look at a few flat keys and see how many standard-tuning open-string notes can be found in the keys of Bb and Eb.

Video. Lessons. Technique and Theory. Early Intermediate. Intermediate.


How to Play Easy, Movable Arpeggios that Work with Any Chord Progression

Most guitarists start playing leads by learning how to play scales, which is a great way to begin, but scales are just one way to play solo lines. Learn more in today’s excerpt from Acoustic Rock Basics.

Video. Lessons. Rock. Technique and Theory.

WW_Rhythm Rudiments Cover

Play Paradiddles on Your Guitar to Develop Rhythmic Acuity, Picking Speed, and New Phrasing Ideas

The kind of rhythmic pattern featured in this excerpt from "Rhythm Rudiments" can really help drive a single-note solo or rhythmic breakdown.

Video. Lessons.

Flatpicking Guitar Basics Cover

Learn to Play 3 Common Crosspicking Patterns

There have been many crosspickers in flatpicking’s brief history, including Doc Watson, Dan Crary, and Clarence White. This excerpt will teach you to play 3 common crosspicking patterns.

Lessons. Country. Flatpicking. Technique and Theory.


Strengthen Your Picking and Fretting Hands with "Drop Two Chord Arpeggios"

The latest in our super-popular Weekly Workout series explores drop two chord arpeggios. You'll work through a variety of chord types using diatonic chords of major and melodic minor scales, all the while getting a comprehensive workout for the fretting and picking hands.

Lessons. Fingerstyle. Flatpicking. Technique and Theory. Early Intermediate. Intermediate.

Homespun Deal

Retune For Ringing Harmonies and Elegant Arrangements with Legendary British Guitarist Martin Simpson

Martin Simpson’s creative use of altered tunings brings brilliant harmonic colors, cascading notes and resonant voicings to every song he plays.

Video. Lessons.


Cordoba's Ben Woods Teaches Basic Flamenco Techniques

Impress your friends by incorporating some flamenco techniques into your next jam session!

Video. Lessons.

Homespun Deal

Play Slack Key in Open G with Homespun’s Mike Dowling

Learn to play “Big Island,” Mike Dowling's slack key style tune in open G.

Video. Lessons. Fingerstyle.

Learn to Play Guitar in a Day COVER

Want to Learn Guitar? It's All in a Day's Work, Says Marlene Hutchinson...

Think it’ll take you months to learn to play the guitar? Maybe even a year? Think again.

Video. Lessons. Beginner.


Learn The Rumba Flamenco Strum In 7 Easy Steps with Marcelo Berestorov and JamPlay.com

Master Flamenco guitarist Marcelo Berestovoy teaches you how to play the basic rumba strum pattern in 7 easy steps.

Video. Lessons.


LESSON: Open String Carter-Style Hammer-Ons

Amp up Carter-style guitar with hammer-on embellishments.

Video. Lessons. Country. Flatpicking. Beginner. Early Intermediate.

Artistworks Martin Taylor Fingerstyle Logo

ArtistWorks Instructor Martin Taylor Expands on his Foundation for Fingerstyle Magic

Build mini chord progressions all over the neck with root/10th transition points.

Video. Lessons. Fingerstyle. Technique and Theory. Advanced. Early Intermediate. Intermediate.


Play like the Allman Brothers and Neil Young with Flatted III, VI, and VII Chords

In this example we'll look at a song that uses the I, IV, and V, but we'll try substituting the bVII for the V to give the progression a different feel.

Video. Lessons. Blues. Rock. Songwriting.


Strengthen Your Fretting Hand

This fretting hand exercise from Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Essentials will improve your technique, no matter what style you are playing in.

Video. Lessons. Jazz. Advanced. Beginner. Early Intermediate. Intermediate.


Don Ross from JamPlay.com Teaches Travis Picking

Fingerstyle master Don Ross talks fingerpicking patterns with a focus on Travis Picking.

Video. Lessons. Advanced. Early Intermediate. Intermediate.

Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Method Cover

Travis Picking Basics

In this excerpt from The Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Method, David Hamburger introduces us to travis picking and explains the steps involved in establishing the bass notes.

Lessons. Fingerstyle. Technique and Theory. Advanced. Beginner. Early Intermediate. Intermediate.

Country Blues Guitar Basics

Fingerpicking the Blues: The Alternating-Bass Pattern

Get to grips with the alternating-bass pattern by playing through the two examples in this excerpt from Country Blues Guitar Basics.

Lessons. Country. Technique and Theory. Beginner. Early Intermediate.

Best Private Lessons Cover

The Magic of D A D G A D

Play the three most commonly used chords in the key of D in a new and instantly pleasing way with the help of this excerpt from Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s Best Private Lessons.

Lessons. Technique and Theory.

Music Basics for Guitarists Cover

Why do Minor Keys Sound Sad?

This excerpt from Music Basics for Guitarists breaks down the differences between major and minor scales and reveals what it is that gives minor keys that sad sound.

Lessons. Technique and Theory. Beginner.


Use the Flat VI Chord in Your Blues Rock Songs

Note that in this excerpt, you’re playing all rock-style power chords, which have no thirds so are not explicitly major or minor.

Video. Lessons. Blues. Rock. Songwriting. Technique and Theory. Early Intermediate. Intermediate.

Swingin' Blues Soloing cover

Swingin' Blues Soloing with Arpeggios

Arpeggios add a coherent sound to your soloing. This excerpt from Acoustic Blues Guitar Basics looks at a few arpeggio-based licks.

Video. Lessons. Blues. Early Intermediate. Intermediate.

Move It On Up cover

Up-the-Neck Octave Exercises

Get ready to stretch. These up-the-neck octave exercises from the Weekly Workout series will help you learn the fingerboard.

Video. Lessons. Technique and Theory. Advanced. Intermediate.

Working with a Metronome cover

Learn How To Shift Between Chords

Develop your chord shifting skills by changing between G and C chords with the help of this excerpt from Rhythm and Strumming Basics.

Video. Lessons. Technique and Theory. Beginner.

Three-Against-Four cover

Move Up the Fingerboard with Ascending Seventh-Chord Arpeggios

Pace yourself and expect some careful shifting as you play through the measures in this excerpt from the Weekly Workout series.

Video. Lessons. Technique and Theory. Intermediate.

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