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New! The Ultimate Guide to Guitar-Related Injury Prevention

Good wrist, hand, and nerve health is not always a priority when it comes to practice time. And yet, if the issue is overlooked for too long, serious problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis could be the result. The good news is that a regular warm-up routine at the beginning of your practice can help prevent the possibility of pain and injury.

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How to Make the Most of an Open Mic

Open mics are a great way to get exposure for you and your tunes, but it’s important to be prepared. This except from Make the Most of an Open Mic will get you started on the path to becoming an open mic hero.

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Guitar + Harmonica: How to "Tongue Block"

This excerpt from A Basic Harmonica Lesson for Guitarists teaches you a vital technique called "tongue blocking." It also covers the chord progression used by Neil Young on his popular guitar-and-harp song, “Heart of Gold.”

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Paul Simon Speaks Candidly about the Art and Craft of Songwriting

In this excerpt from Rock Troubadors, Paul Simon discusses writing and arranging some of his most famous songs.

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Effortless Chord Changes

A quick tip on changing chords quickly using “aim targeted movement”. Become a member of JamPlay for a full step-by-step beginner course from David Isaacs.

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Grammy and GMA Dove award winner, Chris Tomlin talks about songwriting, performing and why he plays Elixir® Strings.

Grammy and GMA Dove award winner, Chris Tomlin talks about songwriting, performing and why he plays Elixir® Strings.

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Inside Blues Guitar COVER

What Kinds of Guitars Did the Early Bluesmen Play?

In this excerpt from Inside Blues Guitar Steve James offers a little history on the guitars used by Skip James, Son House, Robert Johnson and more.

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Make the Most from Your Music

For songwriters, there’s big money to be made in the world of music publishing — but it remains one of the least understood aspects of the music industry. 



Bourgeois Introduces Aged Tone Fully Torrefied Guitars

When Bourgeois introduced the Aged Tone™ guitar series a few years ago, the acoustic world was quick to take note the virtues of torrefied top wood, and the vintage sound and appearance it gave our guitars.

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Learn a Blues Turnaround in 2 Minutes (Plus a Special Discount on JamPlay)

Join Jamplay and learn virtually any style you want on acoustic guitar! Browse all our acoustic guitar courses here:

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Breedlove Celebrates Spring with the Oregon Series

Breedlove Celebrates Spring with the Oregon Series

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Pete Huttlinger Tells the Story Behind his Most Recent Record (and Performs the Title Track)

Emmy-nominated and National Fingerstyle Guitar Champion, Pete Huttlinger, tells the story behind his most recent record, and plays the title track, McGuire’s Landing.

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Mining Tradition: A Songwriting Tip from Pete Seeger (via Woody Guthrie)

Read a tip from 21 Songwriting Tips from the Masters, a guide in our Songwriting Basics for Guitarists series.

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A Barre Chord Tip From Jim Deeming and JamPlay

Watch an excerpt from Jim Deeming’s JamPlay Crash Course.

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Why Nashville Guitarist and Songwriter Jeff Hyde Uses Elixir Strings

Nashville based guitarist and songwriter, Jeff Hyde, has written songs for such artists as Charlie Worsham, Easton Corbin, Alan Jackson, George Strait, Luke Bryan, Bobby Bare, Lee Brice, Jerrod Neimann and Eric Church, who he has recorded and toured with for the past nine years. 

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Meet the Córdoba Mini!

Check out the world’s first miniature nylon-string guitar!

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Tips for Flying with Your Guitar: You’ve Got Rights, and So Does Your instrument!

You’ve probably heard horror stories about expensive guitars being destroyed by air travel — maybe via careless baggage handlers, rapid humidity changes during flight, or something completely unexpected. In this guide, you’ll find some quick tips to help you minimize the chances of becoming another victim of guitar mistreatment. Inside, you will learn about:


Plans for Guild Revealed at NAMM 2015

Luthier Ren Ferguson on what he's got in mind for Guild guitars built in California.

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Bill Collings of Collings Guitars Reveals His Inspiration for New Waterloo Line at NAMM

Bill Collings, founder of Collings Guitars, shows off the company's WL-14 flagship model from the Waterloo guitar line, plus a prototype of the forthcoming Jumbo King model.

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Maxwell Hughes (former guitarist of the Lumineers) Demos L.R. Baggs' Acoustic DI at NAMM

Lloyd Baggs introduces the new Session Acoustic DI at the Winter 2015 NAMM Show, while Maxwell Hughes demonstrates how it works.

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Tips for Being a Pro Guitarist with Tom Strahle and ELIXIR Strings

Go behind the scenes with session guitarist Tom Strahle. He shares some stories from the recording studio and offers some advice for developing guitar pros

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Trevor Dawkins

Loop-the-Loop: Create your own Ed Sheeran sound

Ed Sheeran's guitar tech Trevor Dawkins explains the magic behind the pop star's big, glorious sound, both onstage and off.

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Learn Fingerstyle Techniques with Part 2 of Cordoba's "How to Play Fingerstyle Guitar"

Fingerstyle technique is used in almost every genre and style of music, from timeless classical pieces to today's top hits. Instead of strumming chords, pluck individual strings to "decorate" the harmony!

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Fretting Hand Tips from Pete Huttlinger and ELIXIR Strings

Emmy-nominated and National Fingerstyle Guitar Champion, Pete Huttlinger has a terrific exercise to develop ‘fret hand control.” Turn on your favorite TV show, get comfortable and practice!

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