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Learn a Blues Turnaround in 2 Minutes (Plus a Special Discount on JamPlay)

Join Jamplay and learn virtually any style you want on acoustic guitar! Browse all our acoustic guitar courses here:

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Breedlove Celebrates Spring with the Oregon Series

Breedlove Celebrates Spring with the Oregon Series

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Pete Huttlinger Tells the Story Behind his Most Recent Record (and Performs the Title Track)

Emmy-nominated and National Fingerstyle Guitar Champion, Pete Huttlinger, tells the story behind his most recent record, and plays the title track, McGuire’s Landing.

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21 Tips COVER

Mining Tradition: A Songwriting Tip from Pete Seeger (via Woody Guthrie)

Read a tip from 21 Songwriting Tips from the Masters, a guide in our Songwriting Basics for Guitarists series.

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A Barre Chord Tip From Jim Deeming and JamPlay

Watch an excerpt from Jim Deeming’s JamPlay Crash Course.

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Why Nashville Guitarist and Songwriter Jeff Hyde Uses Elixir Strings

Nashville based guitarist and songwriter, Jeff Hyde, has written songs for such artists as Charlie Worsham, Easton Corbin, Alan Jackson, George Strait, Luke Bryan, Bobby Bare, Lee Brice, Jerrod Neimann and Eric Church, who he has recorded and toured with for the past nine years. 

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Meet the Córdoba Mini!

Check out the world’s first miniature nylon-string guitar!

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Tips for Flying with Your Guitar: You’ve Got Rights, and So Does Your instrument!

You’ve probably heard horror stories about expensive guitars being destroyed by air travel — maybe via careless baggage handlers, rapid humidity changes during flight, or something completely unexpected. In this guide, you’ll find some quick tips to help you minimize the chances of becoming another victim of guitar mistreatment. Inside, you will learn about:


Tips for Being a Pro Guitarist with Tom Strahle and ELIXIR Strings

Go behind the scenes with session guitarist Tom Strahle. He shares some stories from the recording studio and offers some advice for developing guitar pros

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Trevor Dawkins

Loop-the-Loop: Create your own Ed Sheeran sound

Ed Sheeran's guitar tech Trevor Dawkins explains the magic behind the pop star's big, glorious sound, both onstage and off.

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Learn Fingerstyle Techniques with Part 2 of Cordoba's "How to Play Fingerstyle Guitar"

Fingerstyle technique is used in almost every genre and style of music, from timeless classical pieces to today's top hits. Instead of strumming chords, pluck individual strings to "decorate" the harmony!

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Fretting Hand Tips from Pete Huttlinger and ELIXIR Strings

Emmy-nominated and National Fingerstyle Guitar Champion, Pete Huttlinger has a terrific exercise to develop ‘fret hand control.” Turn on your favorite TV show, get comfortable and practice!

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New DigiTech JamMan Vocal XT Looper

Vocal looping has never been simpler with DigiTech’s new JamMan Vocal XT!  Designed specifically for vocalists, this compact looper is capable of creating multiple, overdubbed loops for vocal harmonies or rhythmic counterpoint with just a foot stomp.

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Acoustic Groove Tips from Tom Strahle and ELIXIR® Strings

Los Angeles session guitarist, songwriter and teacher, Tom Strahle, talks about the most important thing to know for acoustic guitar players. This is a tip you can really use!

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Clinics and Workshops Announced for the 2014 Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase

In addition to the fantastic guitars on display, and the great performances from guitarists like John Sebastian, Happy Traum, Doug Wamble and David Bromberg, this year’s Woodstock Invitational also offers a fantastic program of clinics and workshops.

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2014 Guitar Maker Directory

The guitar player's guide to individual luthiers, mid-size shops, large-scale manufacturers, and everything in between.


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Learn Guitar with Pat Donohue, Mary Flower and More at 'Blues in the Gorge'

Menucha Presents: Blues in the Gorge. Immerse yourself in music for a long weekend with some of the best blues and fingerstyle guitarists around.

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Songwriting Tip: Write First, Think Later

Acoustic Guitar Editor at Large Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers says don't filter yourself when beginning to write a song.

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Arranging for Acoustic Guitar with Ulli Boegershausen and ELIXIR Strings

Acoustic fingerstyle master and teacher, Ulli Boegershausen, shows you a simple way to arrange music for the acoustic guitar. This is a tip you can really use!

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Summer Gear Guide 2014

This Summer's Wave of Must-Have Guitars & Gear



Learn "The Island Strum" from's Strummin' with Steve Series

Learn reggae rhythm and palm muting technique in this excerpt from's Strummin' with Steve series.

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ELIXIR Engineer and Taylor Guitar's Master Luthier Talk Strings

Do you want bolder highs and fuller lows from your narrow bodied guitar? It might be time to change your string gauge.

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Homespun Deal

How to Improvise Blues Solos with Homespun's Toby Walker and Happy Traum

Homespun presents a lesson on blues solos with Toby Walker and Happy Traum.

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Vote for Your Favorite Guitars & Gear in the 2014 Player's Choice Awards

It’s time to share your love of guitars and gear by voting in Acoustic Guitar’s Player’s Choice Awards.

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Kaki King Talks Tunings with ELIXIR® Strings

Got a thing for tunings?  Watch as Kaki King talks tunings with Elixir® Strings

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