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Put your flamenco skills to the test with this easy-to-follow video on subdivision and timing

Check out our lesson on Basic Flamenco Techniques.

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Clinics and Workshops Announced for the 2015 Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase

Check out some incredible guitars, watch some fantastic performances, and participate in inspiring and informative workshops at this year’s Seventh Annual Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase. 

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How To Sweeten Your Blues Turnarounds

Hawkeye Herman shows you the huge possibilities with simple turnarounds that you can create using chords you already know! 

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Massimo Varini Shows his Hybrid Picking and Percussive Slapping Techniques to Elixir Strings

Hybrid picking and percussive slaps can expand any players’ performance and enhance the composition. You’ve got to see the Italian guitar legend, Massimo Varini’s, close-up demo of his incredible hybrid picking and percussive slapping technique. His hybrid picking style and percussive slapping can take your performance to the next level.

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Sell Your Next Single for $9.95!

Selling a single with CD Baby means your music’s available everywhere you need it to be: Apple Music and iTunes‚ Amazon‚ Spotify‚ and 90+ other stores. Would you rather just sell it in a few select locations? We can help you with that‚ too.


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Go Beyond Fingerpicking Patterns

If you feel stuck with playing basic patterns Don Ross’ new finger independence series could be just what you need!

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Country Star, Jerrod Niemann has Some Great Advice for Young Musicians and Songwriters

What makes Elixir Strings a favorite among artists like Jerrod?  It's their great tone, smooth feel, no string squeak and extended tone life. And for Jerrod, the feel, and bright clear tone helps his guitars sound their best.

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Simple Formula That Morphs Boring Chord Progressions Into Beautiful Masterpieces

Michael "Nomad" Ripoll shows how anyone can turn their boring chord progressions into beautiful musical statements by using a 3 step formula.

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Acoustic Guitar Slide Basics Cover

How to Combine Fretted Notes with Slide Notes

Mixing up fretted notes and slide notes over an alternating bass sounds great. Learn how to play this classic blues technique with this excerpt from Acoustic Guitar Slide Basics.

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The Ultimate All-In-One Portable PA with Bluetooth from Mackie®

The Mackie FreePlay™ is the ultimate all-in-one stereo PA solution. With a portable, battery-powerable design, FreePlay delivers powerful, full-range sound anytime, anywhere.

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Bourgeois Guitars Summer NAMM Collection 2015

The guitars of the Bourgeois 2015 Summer NAMM Collection are now arriving at dealers.


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How To Get Good At Guitar

David Isaacs from JamPlay shows you how to quickly isolate your trouble spots so you can progress much faster on guitar — no matter what you're learning!

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Learn Guitar with Pat Donohue, Josh White, Jr., Mary Flower and More at 'Blues in the Gorge'

Watch, listen and learn from some of the best musicians around.

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Kaki King has Some Great Advice for Young Musicians

Seems Kaki King is everywhere these days; magazine covers, a new album with an inspiring video, and she’s touring the world.

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Effective Practice For Adults

Not progressing as fast as you’d like on guitar? It’s quite possible that you are your own worst enemy when it comes to practicing.

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Meet Guild's New Small-Body Guitar

Introducing the all new M-140 from Guild Guitars. In this video, Guild artist Shane Alexander demonstrates the M-140’s distinctive voice, excellent balance and a delicate tone. 

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2015 Guitar Maker Directory

A guitar player’s guide to individual luthiers, mid-size shops, large-scale manufacturers, specialist sources, and everything in between. 


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Check out Phil Keaggy's Capo Technique and Looping in this Video by Elixir® Strings

Ever wonder what the one and only Phil Keaggy does between takes during a video? He just plays the guitar. He loves capos. If one is good, two are better! Check out his playing, capo technique and looping in this video by Elixir®Strings.

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New! The Ultimate Guide to Guitar-Related Injury Prevention

Good wrist, hand, and nerve health is not always a priority when it comes to practice time. And yet, if the issue is overlooked for too long, serious problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis could be the result. The good news is that a regular warm-up routine at the beginning of your practice can help prevent the possibility of pain and injury.

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How to Make the Most of an Open Mic

Open mics are a great way to get exposure for you and your tunes, but it’s important to be prepared. This except from Make the Most of an Open Mic will get you started on the path to becoming an open mic hero.

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Guitar + Harmonica: How to "Tongue Block"

This excerpt from A Basic Harmonica Lesson for Guitarists teaches you a vital technique called "tongue blocking." It also covers the chord progression used by Neil Young on his popular guitar-and-harp song, “Heart of Gold.”

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Paul Simon Speaks Candidly about the Art and Craft of Songwriting

In this excerpt from Rock Troubadors, Paul Simon discusses writing and arranging some of his most famous songs.

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Effortless Chord Changes

A quick tip on changing chords quickly using “aim targeted movement”. Become a member of JamPlay for a full step-by-step beginner course from David Isaacs.

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