Swingin' Blues Soloing with Arpeggios

Posted by Orville Johnson

Examples 10a-10b, and 12
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One way to add a coherent sound to your soloing is by using arpeggios. This helps in two ways: the repeating chord tones are always “correct” notes and playing the root, third, and fifth notes of a chord forces you to include interval skips in your playing instead of reeling off scale passages. Let’s look at a few arpeggio-based licks. The first two (Examples 10a and 10b) are based around the G shape at the third fret. The next step is to add a few nonchord tones to your arpeggios as a way to move between positions. In Example 12 I use an A note to connect some arpeggio-based licks in the two positions.

Excerpted from Acoustic Blues Guitar Basics: Swingin' Blues Soloing

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