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James Taylor Speaks Out Against Fracking in North Carolina TV Ad

Singer-songwriter James Taylor is appearing in an environmental TV ad in North Carolina, where he grew up, urging citizens to protest efforts to allow fracking in the state.

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Graham Nash Still

Graham Nash Delivers Folk Alliance International Keynote Speech

“We’re trying to shorten the distance between the public and the truth,” said two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Graham Nash in his keynote speech Thursday at the Folk Alliance International conference in Kansas City, Missouri.

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VIDEO: Badi Assad Plays "To Reach My Heart"

On tour to promote her new album Between Love and Luck, Brazilian guitarist Badi Assad dropped by Acoustic Guitar's studio for a chat and quick performance.

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Tommy Emmanuel Rips Through "The TE Ranch" at Acoustic Guitar's Studio

Australian guitar great Tommy Emmanuel stopped by the Acoustic Guitar studio the other day to chat and play a few songs. Here he is doing his tune "The TE Ranch." 

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Steve Earle

Steve Earle to Lead Camp Copperhead Songwriting Workshop

The esteemed singer-songwriter will teach the four-day course July 7-11, 2014.

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Kacey Musgraves Wins New Artist of the Year at 2013 CMAs

The country artist took home the New Artist of the Year award and performed "Follow Your Arrow."

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Use the Flat VI Chord in Your Blues Rock Songs

Note that in this excerpt, you’re playing all rock-style power chords, which have no thirds so are not explicitly major or minor.

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Rewriting Other Songs cover

Using Familiar Songs as Songwriting Templates

Try switching the key of a familiar song – a modification that may then inspire ideas for changing the rhythmic feel.

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April 2013 Cover

Blues/Rock Chord Changes

How to use chords like the flatted VII in your songs.

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Composing with Chord Substitutions

Using Extended Chords

Need to spice up a simple chord progression? Try using extended chords.

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Experiment with Sound

Ever wonder how experienced songwriters tweak songs to make them sound original? Here are a few ways to recast your songs.

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ARB: Chordal Riffs

Using Basic Chord Shapes to Create Riffs

Here’s how to break up easy chords to create cool riffs like you hear in some of rock's most memorable songs.  

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Jeff Tweedy’s Word Games

Wilco’s front man talks about how he comes up with unexpected lyrics.

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AG 235 July 2012 Cover

Lyle Lovett on Songwriting

How Lyle Lovett took inspiration from Guy Clark and Townes van Zandt when it came time to write his own songs.

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Song Forms

Writing a Bridge

As Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin once exclaimed, “I’m just trying to find the bridge!” Often songwriters discover that those compelling verses and catchy choruses they’ve written need something extra. That’s when a bridge can come in handy. 

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Songwriting Basics for Guitarists: Start Writing Songs

Rework an Existing Song

Take the first steps toward creating something new and exciting by using a song by one of your favorite artists as a building block.

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Song Forms

Improving Your Songwriting

Songwriting isn’t just an art—it’s a skill that you can develop through practice and by applying some tried-and-true techniques. From overcoming that dreaded white page to crafting the perfect bridge, this series of articles will help you use your acoustic guitar to write your next—or first—song.

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