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Ovation Guitars to Cease Domestic Production

The curtain is closing on Ovation’s made-in-the-USA line of acoustic guitars, as parent company Fender Musical Instruments today announced the closing of the brand’s longtime domestic manufacturing facility in New Hartford, Connecticut.

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Cordoba feature image

A Tour of the Córdoba Guitars US Shop

A visit to the nylon-string guitar company’s new American shop, where it’s building a new Master Series inspired by iconic classical luthiers.

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Santa Cruz guitar festival

Art of Guitar in Santa Cruz Includes Dali-like Playfulness

Fred Carlson’s “humanitar”--a highlight of the Santa Cruz County Art of Guitar Exhibit and Festival--is a Dali-style amalgamation of harp, guitar, and dancer.

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Omar Torrez Debuts New L.R. Baggs Lyric Classical Guitar Microphone

Venice Beach-based flamenco guitarist Omar Torrez showed off the new L.R. Baggs Lyric Classical Microphone at the 2014 NAMM show. 

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Lee Ritenour's Six String Theory Competition Open to Acoustic Guitarists

The global music competition is accepting applications from acoustic guitarists for 2014.

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Martin exhibit

Metropolitan Museum of Art to Display 35 Rare Martin Guitars in New Exhibit

Thirty-five rare Martin guitars will go on display at the Met.

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Family Tries to Raise Money for Flamenco Guitarist Ricardo Anglada Following Stroke

On October 26, Flamenco guitarist Ricardo Anglada suffered a stroke while performing in Laredo, Texas.

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Canarios cover

Play Gaspar Sanz's Baroque Guitar Piece "Canarios"

“Canarios” is based upon a popular dance form from the Spanish Baroque and alternates between a 6/8 and 3/4 time feel.

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El Testament d'Amelia cover

Play the Catalan Folk Song "El Testament d'Amelia"

“El Testament d’Amelia” is one of seven Catalan folk songs adapted for guitar by Spanish composer/arranger Miguel Llobet.

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Lagrima cover

Play the Spanish Classical Miniature “Lágrima”

Study one of classical guitar’s most enduring works from Spanish composer Francisco Tárrega.

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Acoustic Guitar Solo Fingerstyle Basics

Great Classical Exercises

Develop your skills in hand and finger independence, bass lines, intervals, voicings, and more by playing elementary classical guitar exercises. See examples in today’s excerpt from Solo Fingerstyle Guitar Basics.

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Guardame Las Vacas cover

Play the Spanish Classical Song "Guardame Las Vacas"

Today’s excerpt from Spanish Repertoire for Classical Guitar includes the first eight measures of “Guardame las Vacas” – one of the earliest published examples of a variation piece.

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AG 177 September 2007 Cover

Theme and Melodic Variations

Learn how to expand a short melody into a complete composition or arrangement, using variations on “Lacrimosa” from Mozart’s Requiem.

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AG 215 November 2010 Cover

The Giuliani Studies

Explore classical guitar master Mauro Giuliani’s legendary picking-hand exercises.

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AG 215 November 2010 Cover

Andrés Segovia

How the legendary classical guitarist elevated the guitar to the status of concert instrument in the 20th century.

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AG 191 November 2008

Prelude from the Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major

Learn an arrangement of a classic piece by Johann Sebastian Bach, transposed to the key of D and set in dropped-D tuning.

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AG 181 January 2008 Cover

The Art of the Classical Arpeggio

Study the classical guitar approach to picking figures across sets of strings with this series of arpeggio exercises.

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AG 193 January 2009 Cover

Assume the Classical Playing Position

Before you begin learning classical technique, it’s important to learn the proper way to sit and hold the guitar.

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Christmas Songs COVER

Learn to Play "Silent Night"

Get into the holiday spirit by playing the first eight bars of “Silent Night” in today’s excerpt from Christmas Songs from Beginning Guitar.

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Bolero Cover

Play the Spanish Classical Song "Bolero"

Give your set a Spanish flair with the flamenco-inspired classical guitar piece "Bolero."

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30 Under 30 part 1

30 Great Guitarists Under 30

Young, talented, daring, and even brash, a new generation of guitarists is making its mark and helping to transform the way the instrument is being played around the world. From flatpickers to fingerstylists, classical virtuosos to self-taught YouTube sensations, AG has put together a sampling of 30 of the best new guitarists under the age of 30. If you haven’t heard these exceptional players tackle bluegrass, Bach, or the blues, visit iTunes or YouTube and get ready to be impressed.

50 States AL-CO

Roadside Americana: 50 States, 50 Must-Attend Events

State to state, America is alive with the sound of acoustic guitars, some of them in jingle-jangle mode, others flatpicking a rustic bluegrass tune, or sliding into a Delta-blues lament, or strumming behind a cowboy poet, or soaking in the swampy vibe of Louisiana bayou country, or maybe playing an intricate Bach rondo.

Put your (unplugged) pedal to the metal and experience roadside Americana for yourself.

Here’s your travel guide—50 states, 50 must-attend events.

Best Acoustic Albums of 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, we here at Acoustic Guitar have been going through all the new music we listened to this year, looking back on the releases we loved. Our editors and contributors were tasked with putting together their Top Five favorite albums of 2013. While it was hard for everyone in the office to limit themselves to only five albums, the lists we got showcased not only the great albums of the year, but also the wide spectrum of expression in the acoustic music world. Whether you like energetic bluegrass, doomy folk, timeless Americana, complex fingerstyle, soulful blues, or anything in-between, you're bound to find some of your favorites on these lists. And you might even discover something new, too!


AG 239 November 2012 Cover

Acoustic-Electric Hybrid Nylon-Strings

In this feature, we review seven acoustic-electric nylon-string guitars from Alhambra, Córdoba, Godin, Hill, Martin, Takamine, and Taylor. These "hybrid" guitars are designed for players who are looking for classical sounds and steel-string guitar playability.


Lagrima cover

Play Classical Guitar Now

For guitarists who haven’t devoted years into studying at the local conservatory, developing a classical guitar repertoire can seem like an impossible goal. In this series of articles, we’ll look at techniques and musical pieces accessible to guitarists regardless of skill level and musical background.

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