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SUNDAY SHOWCASE: Liz Green - "Bad Medicine"

UK singer-songwriter Liz Green delivers an old blues sound...with a twist.

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Keith Richards Turns 70

By God, he made it!

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American Roots Grammy Nominations Announced

Among the nominees are Sarah Jarosz, Steve Earle, and the Greencards.

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VIDEO: Never-Before-Seen Footage of Guitarist Jack Rose Released on Anniversary of His Death

The guitarist, who died on December 5, 2009, plays "Kensington Blues" in never-before-seen footage.

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VIDEO: Singer-Songwriter Scott Law Releases New LP 'Black Mountain'

Singer-songwriter and flatpicker Scott Law self-releases his latest album.

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Blues-Rock Band the Record Company Releases 'Feels So Good' EP

The band's second EP dropped on November 19.

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Remembering Duane Allman on His 67th Birthday

The legendary guitarist would have been 67 today.

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'Nashville 2.0: The Rise of Americana' Documentary to Premiere Nov. 22 on PBS

The documentary will be featured as part of the 2013 PBS Arts Fall Festival.

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Carolina Chocolate Drops

Dom Flemons and Layla McCalla to Leave Carolina Chocolate Drops, Embark on Solo Careers

Dom Flemons, a founding member of Carolina Chocolate Drops, plans to depart the band at the end of their December tour.

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VIDEO: Two Songs by Gary Clark Jr. Featured on '12 Years a Slave' Soundtrack

Gary Clark Jr. has contributed two classic blues songs to the original soundtrack for the film 12 Years a Slave.

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Use the Flat VI Chord in Your Blues Rock Songs

Note that in this excerpt, you’re playing all rock-style power chords, which have no thirds so are not explicitly major or minor.

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Learn to Play the Classic Blues Song "Oh Daddy"

This excerpt from Arranging Folk and Blues Songs focuses on thumb rolls and how they can help “fatten up” the sound of the solo guitar.

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Swingin' Blues Soloing cover

Swingin' Blues Soloing with Arpeggios

Arpeggios add a coherent sound to your soloing. This excerpt from Acoustic Blues Guitar Basics looks at a few arpeggio-based licks.

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Roots and Blues Mandolin

Play "Careless Love" on Mandolin

This eight-bar excerpt comes from Roots and Blues Mandolin and is played mostly with double-stops on low and high string pairs in closed positions.

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Duncan and Brady cover

Learn to Play the Traditional Tune "Duncan and Brady"

In this excerpt from Arranging Folk and Blues Songs, “Duncan and Brady” is arranged in a minor key to emphasize the macabre aspect of this murder story.

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Alternate Tunings Essentials cover

Country Blues Guitar in Open C

Play through two exercises and learn how to get into open-C tuning with the help of today’s excerpt from Alternate Tunings Guitar Essentials.

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Roots and Blues Fingerstyle Guitar

Learn to Play the Classic Blues Tune “Things About Comin’ My Way”

Tampa Red is perhaps the most influential slide guitarist in the history of the blues. Today’s excerpt is based on his 1934 recording of “Things About Comin’ My Way.”

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Ain't No Grave cover

Learn to Play the Traditional Tune “Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down”

Today’s excerpt is in the key of A minor. You can use a capo to find a key that works for you when singing along.

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Enhancing Patterns cover

Use the Alternating Bass Technique in 3/4 Time

Today’s excerpt from Carter-Style Guitar Basics explains the adjustments that need to be made to the bass/strum pattern of 4/4 time in order to accommodate a tune in 3/4 time.

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Acoustic Guitar Slide Basics

Finessing the V Chord in Slide Melodies

In this excerpt from Acoustic Guitar Slide Basics, David Hamburger explains how to use the 12th-fret position to play slide melodies that would work well over the V chord.

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Fingerstyle Blues Songbook COVER

Learn to Play "Lonesome Weary Blues"

Add to your slide guitar repertoire with an open-D tuning arrangement of "Lonesome Weary Blues" from Fingerstyle Blues Songbook.

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April 2013 Cover

Blues/Rock Chord Changes

How to use chords like the flatted VII in your songs.

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Issue 239

Kelly Joe Phelps Slide Lesson

The fingerstyle guitarist and singer-songwriter demonstrates some of the slide guitar techniques that have reinvigorated his playing.

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Acoustic Guitar Slide Basics

How to Choose a Slide

Looking to get started on slide guitar? One of the first things to consider is what type of slide you want to use. Read more about it in today's excerpt from Acoustic Guitar Slide Basics.

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