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Roots and Blues Fingerstyle COVER

Play the Classic Blues Tune "Way Out on the Desert"

Enjoy the bluesy phrases and seventh chords in Roosevelt T. Williams’ rocking stomp “Way Out on the Desert” – arranged here for fingerstyle guitar.

Audio. Songs. Blues. Fingerstyle. Folk. Early Intermediate.

Roots and Blues Mandolin

Do the Mandolin Boogie

Play through the example in today’s excerpt from Roots and Blues Mandolin and discover how effective the mandolin can be as a rhythm instrument.

Audio. Lessons. Blues. Folk. Beginner. Early Intermediate.

AG Slide Basics Book Cover

Quarter-Tone Slides

If a one-fret distance is called a half tone, a quarter tone is half that distance. Learn how to play one in today’s excerpt from Acoustic Guitar Slide Basics.

Audio. Lessons. Blues. Technique and Theory. Beginner. Early Intermediate.

Careless Love Cover

Learn to Play the Blues Classic "Careless Love"

Today’s excerpt from Arranging Folk and Blues Songs invites you to play a bluesy ballad interpretation of “Careless Love” – a classic tune from the early-20th-century New Orleans jazz songbook.

Video. . Blues. Fingerstyle. Early Intermediate. Intermediate.

Fingerstyle Blues Songbook COVER

Walkin' the Basses

One of the most common devices in the blues guitar repertoire is walking the bass line. Learn more in today’s excerpt from the Fingerstyle Blues Songbook.

Audio. Lessons. Blues. Fingerstyle. Early Intermediate.

Early Jazz and Swing COVER

Learn the Jazz Classic "T'ain't Nobody's Business if I Do"

Billie Holiday did one of the definitive versions of the eight-bar blues song, “T’Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I do.” Today’s excerpt reveals some handy tricks to playing it well.

Audio. Songs. Blues. Jazz. Early Intermediate. Intermediate.

Early Jazz and Swing COVER

I Ain't Got Nobody

See today’s excerpt for the first eight bars of “I Ain’t Got Nobody”—a song that is instantly recognizable thanks to Louis Prima’s hit 1956 medley with “Just a Gigolo.”

Audio. Songs. Blues. Jazz. Early Intermediate. Intermediate.

Country Blues Guitar Basics

The Art of the Blues Turnaround

Today’s excerpt from Country Blues Guitar Basics will teach you how to harmonize a basic musical figure with other notes to create some versatile blues turnarounds.

Audio. Lessons. Blues. Beginner.


Blues Shuffle Lesson

The backbone of blues is the shuffle. Here’s how to do it! 

Video. Lessons. Blues. Early Intermediate.

Ragtime Blues Fingerpicking Cover

Play a Ragtime Blues Thumb Roll

A thumb roll in the bass before the downbeat of the measure gives your groove some bounce. Learn how to play one with today’s excerpt from Acoustic Blues Guitar Basics.

Video. Lessons. Blues. Technique and Theory. Beginner. Early Intermediate.

Roots and Blues Mandolin

Blue Notes and Tremolo for Mandolin

Create that bluesy sound on your mandolin with just three scale intervals. Find out which ones and how to use them in today’s excerpt from Roots and Blues Mandolin.

Audio. Lessons. Blues. Folk. Beginner. Early Intermediate. Intermediate.

Improvising on a Melody Cover

Improvising on a Melody

Improvising doesn’t just mean playing variations of the melody. Experiment by playing a well-known melody to a different rhythm with the help of today’s excerpt.

Video. Lessons. Blues. Beginner. Early Intermediate.

St. Louis Blues Cover

Learn to Play the Traditional Tune "St. Louis Blues"

“St. Louis Blues” was W.C. Handy’s most recorded and most popular number. Click below to play through an eight-measure excerpt as featured in Arranging Folk and Blues Songs.

Video. Songs. Blues. Folk. Advanced. Intermediate.

Best Private Lessons Cover

Learn to Play the Traditional Tune "Railroad Bill"

Play five-string banjo favorite “Railroad Bill” in G tuning for slide guitar with the help of today’s excerpt from Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s Best Private Lessons.

Audio. Songs. Blues. Country. Folk. Early Intermediate. Intermediate.

Acoustic Blues Guitar Essentials Cover

Play a Blues Shuffle

When strumming the A5 chord, try to hit only the fourth and fifth strings. Perfect this technique and learn more in today’s excerpt from Acoustic Blues Guitar Essentials.

Audio. Lessons. Blues. Early Intermediate.

AG Lead and Melody Basics Cover

Use Call-and-Response in Your Blues Leads

Call and response is one of the fundamental concepts of blues soloing. Learn more and see it at work in today’s excerpt from Acoustic Guitar Lead and Melody Basics.

Audio. Lessons. Blues. Flatpicking. Beginner. Early Intermediate.

The Blues Scale and Simple Lead Licks

Use Slides, Hammer-Ons, and Pull-Offs to Minimize Pick Strokes

As the tempo quickens, use slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs to play more notes without having to pick each one. See the example in today’s excerpt from Acoustic Blues Guitar Basics.

Video. Lessons. Blues. Technique and Theory. Early Intermediate.

Acoustic Guitar Slide Basics

Transposing Your Slide Melodies

Playing slide guitar in an open tuning makes it easy to transpose licks in that tuning to another position. Find out how in today’s excerpt from Acoustic Guitar Slide Basics.

Audio. Lessons. Blues. Technique and Theory. Beginner. Early Intermediate.

AG 241 January 2013 Cover

Real-World Rigs: Jackie Greene

Blues/rock guitarist Jackie Greene demonstrates his onstage acoustic setup.

Video. Advice. Blues. Recording. Rock.


25th Anniversary Issue

In this 25th anniversary special section, Acoustic Guitar explores the world of acoustic music from every angle: the most influential acoustic-guitar players; the most significant moments in acoustic-music history; and more. The sections are divided into lists of 25, to celebrate the 25 years AG has been your guide to the acoustic guitar.


30 Under 30 part 1

30 Great Guitarists Under 30

Young, talented, daring, and even brash, a new generation of guitarists is making its mark and helping to transform the way the instrument is being played around the world. From flatpickers to fingerstylists, classical virtuosos to self-taught YouTube sensations, AG has put together a sampling of 30 of the best new guitarists under the age of 30. If you haven’t heard these exceptional players tackle bluegrass, Bach, or the blues, visit iTunes or YouTube and get ready to be impressed.


50 States AL-CO

Roadside Americana: 50 States, 50 Must-Attend Events

State to state, America is alive with the sound of acoustic guitars, some of them in jingle-jangle mode, others flatpicking a rustic bluegrass tune, or sliding into a Delta-blues lament, or strumming behind a cowboy poet, or soaking in the swampy vibe of Louisiana bayou country, or maybe playing an intricate Bach rondo.

Put your (unplugged) pedal to the metal and experience roadside Americana for yourself.

Here’s your travel guide—50 states, 50 must-attend events.


Best Acoustic Albums of 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, we here at Acoustic Guitar have been going through all the new music we listened to this year, looking back on the releases we loved. Our editors and contributors were tasked with putting together their Top Five favorite albums of 2013. While it was hard for everyone in the office to limit themselves to only five albums, the lists we got showcased not only the great albums of the year, but also the wide spectrum of expression in the acoustic music world. Whether you like energetic bluegrass, doomy folk, timeless Americana, complex fingerstyle, soulful blues, or anything in-between, you're bound to find some of your favorites on these lists. And you might even discover something new, too!


Fingerstyle Blues Songbook COVER

Learn Traditional Songs

Add these traditional blues, folk, and Celtic songs to your repertoire.

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Let It Slide

Whether you're just starting out on slide, looking to improve your technique, or interested in adding to your blues repertoire, this series of seven lessons is sure to ignite your interest in slide guitar.

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