Real-World Rigs: Laurence Juber

AG 241 January 2013 Cover

Posted by Teja Gerken

Grammy-winning fingerstylist and former Wings guitarist Laurence Juber is a serious gear head. Having worked with Martin Guitars on a series of signature-model OMs, Juber knows exactly what he wants, from the grade of wood to the type of bracing, every guitar dimension imaginable, tuning gears, strings, etc., and he can explain his reasoning behind every choice. It’s no surprise that some of his decisions have to do with the way the guitar will perform onstage. “The koa guitar has warmth without having too much bottom end, which then becomes problematic for amplification,” he says about his current touring ax, a Martin OMC-44KLJ signature model withkoa back and sides and an Adirondack spruce top. 

Juber’s onstage rig is disarmingly simple: a D-TAR Wave-Length undersaddle pickup, Audix ADX5 internal mic, and a Headway EDB-1 preamp. “I really need the dual system, because I need the ability to capture body resonance,” he says of the reason he uses a mic in addition to a pickup. Juber has used various preamps over the years, and besides pristine sound, he finds ease of operation to be paramount. My criteria is, “How long does soundcheck take? And if it’s anything more than 15 minutes, the box is probably too fiddly.” Juber’s setup allows him to travel with just a guitar and a suitcase, and he’s learned to use it effectively whether the gig is a house concert or a festival stage. 

Excerpted from Acoustic Guitar, January 2013

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