Play the Holiday Tune "The Holly and the Ivy"

Posted by Sean McGowan

While many of the Christmas songs we now regard as holiday standards were composed within the last half century, “The Holly and the Ivy” is an enduring classic of unknown origin dating back several hundred years. Its beautiful, succinct melody is a seasonal favorite among singers and instrumentalists alike.

The Holly and the Ivy 8 BARS
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In this excerpt from my solo guitar arrangement, the melody (a simple eight-bar strain) is stated in a straightforward, gentle fashion. With a melody this elegant, you don’t want to cover up or obscure anything! The complete version includes several additional passes through the melody, a short introduction and outro, and brief chordal interludes between strains. Devices like these provide arrangers with a great way to add personal touches to songs without becoming repetitive or tampering with the core melody.

Excerpted from Holiday Songs for Fingerstyle Guitar

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